8-Bit Realm

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Vanya's CastleThe Distant WoodsThe Fungus PlainsMegalo-CityTreasure HouseHero's Field8bitrealm.gif

The 8-Bit Realm is found in the The Distant Woods and is reached via The Inexplicable Door as long as the continuum transfunctioner is equipped. When attempting to visit the area without the continuum transfunctioner equipped (via Last Adventure):

That realm is only a rumor.

Here you can find:


  • Adventuring in the zones in this realm will gain you points. Each zone has its own mechanic for bonus points granted, which is doubled if you're adventuring in the right zone.
    • You earn between 50 and 400 points per combat encounter. See below for details. Free kills, wandering monsters etc. all gather score normally.
    • Your goal is to gain at least 10,000 points, so you can buy the digital key from Treasure House.
    • Depending on your path, you might also want the extra fat loot token, which will require another 10,000 points (so 20,000 points total.)
  • The colour of the score display in the character pane tells you which zone currently receives double points. For example, if your score counter is blue, you'll get double points from Megalo-City. The color changes after every five kills in 8-Bit Realm zones, regardless of whether that combat took a turn or not. Monster-changing effects (like CLEESH and back-ups) work fine here, but post-combat fights (like from Pocket Professor or Eldritch Attunement) do not (and provide neither zone Points nor double-zone "progress").
    • Black: Vanya's Castle, need at least 595.6% Combat Initiative for maximum bonus points, 300% for minimum
    • Blue: Megalo-City, need at least 595.6 Damage Absorption for maximum bonus points, 300 for minimum
    • Green: Hero's Field, need at least 395.6% bonus Items from Monsters for maximum bonus points, 100% for minimum
    • Red: The Fungus Plains, need at least 445.6% bonus Meat from Monsters for maximum bonus points, 150% for minimum - WARNING: If a monster with no base meat drop ends up here (e.g. via backing up into a grops, or dropping in a void monster), any +meat% bonus from your familiar will fail to apply to that combat
    • The cycle always starts on black, then moves counter-clockwise to blue, then green, then red. Then it starts over on black. This pattern is always the same across players and ascensions. This means that with perfect play you should only need to repeat Vanya's Castle; should you miss a few points you can pick them up with a visit to the easiest area, Megalo-City.
  • Runs with meager available resources (e.g. Bad Moon) are probably best off focusing on the Megalo-City Damage Absorption test. Reasonably available in-run equipment can reach the point cap even if no other bonuses are available: a wool hat, black greaves, and keg shield combined with a 160+ combat power shirt is sufficient.