A Crimbo Tree

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A Crimbo Tree (with a present under it!) A Crimbo Tree (with no present under it.)

A Crimbo Tree may be installed in your Clan VIP Lounge by using 5 Crimboughs obtained from The Crimbo Cartel.

When "Used"

  • Prior to rollover on December 24th, 2009:
    You pick up a present and shake it, but you decide not to open it until Christmas. Er, Crimbo.
  • Starting after rollover on December 24th, 2009:
    You look under the Crimbo Tree and find a present with your name on it! You excitedly tear it open.
Book3.gifYou acquire an item: Crimbo Candy Cookbook
Jackinthebox.gifYou acquire an item: Jack-in-the-box
Brittleshield.gifYou acquire an item: peanut brittle shield
Stripesweater.gifYou acquire an item: red-and-green sweater
Bbgun.gifYou acquire an item: Red Rover BB gun
  • After already receiving a present:
    There's nothing under the Crimbo Tree with your name on it right now. Check back in X days.
    • (X starts at 7 and counts down)
    There's nothing under the Crimbo Tree with your name on it right now. Check back tomorrow.
    • (When there is 1 day left)


  • Gives one item every seven days. If you do not pick up your present on the seventh day, the counter does not reset again until you do. So, if you wait two weeks and five days you'll still only get one present, and you'll still have to wait another seven days until you get another one.
  • Upon ascending, the counter is reset to the full 7 days.
  • On December 24th, Jick accidentally made the tree go live for a short time, allowing folks to get their items a day early. He quickly fixed this.
  • On the December 21st Radio show it was revealed that the Tree would start to work on Crimbo, and wouldn't be a seasonal thing.
  • A total of 5 Crimboughs need to be used by a clan to obtain a Crimbo Tree. Any clan member can contribute any number of Crimboughs to the tree (until the tree is completed).