A Dreaded Sunny Day

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A Dreaded Sunny Day
A Dreaded Sunny Day

Once again, you find yourself alone in a cemetery.

Look around

With tomb opener:
You poke around until you find a tomb whose lid matches the tomb-opening tool you found on Skull Island.
You pry the tomb open and find... a map. That's way fewer bones and way more maps than you were expecting to find.

Pr map.gifYou acquire an item: Red Roger's map
Confetti.gif You gain 20 PirateRealm FunPoints

You spend a few minutes reading the tombstones. It's pretty entertaining!

Confetti.gif You gain 10 PirateRealm FunPoints

Occurs at PirateRealm.

Cemetery Island


  • The adventure name is a reference to the first line in the song "Cemetery Gates" by The Smiths.