A Greasy Spot

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A Greasy Spot is in the Clan Basement when it is first opened. It can be dug out for 250,000 Meat (paid from your Clan Coffer), and becomes The Slime Tube.

There's a sizable greasy spot on the cement here.

  • With correct clan privileges:

Luckily, there's a business card on the floor next to the spot for a cleaning company.

McRipoff's Quality Degreasing

Got a spot?
We'll hit it!

Just 250,000 Meat

Make the Call (250,000 Meat)
  • With too little Meat in coffer:
There's not enough Meat in your Clan Coffer to cover the price of the cleaning.
  • With sufficient Meat in coffer:
A workman hurries down the stairs and sets to work on the greasy spot with brushes and mops and all manner of harsh chemicals. By the time he's done, there's not much floor left, and the hole left behind is oozing some sort of nasty slime. He did accidentally leave a bucket behind, though -- score!