A Lucky Break

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A Lucky Break

You arrive at the Large Donkey Mountain Ski Resort and promptly break your ankle when you trip while carrying your bags to your room.

That's bad!

So you are unable to ski your entire vacation and have to have your leg in a cast.

That's bad!

So you are forced to spend every day in the warmth and comfort of the ski lodge drinking hot chocolate. Instead of risking life and limb hurtling down a mountain, you are surrounded by attentive, attractive members of the opposite sex. All of whom believe your story about getting injured while rescuing a bear cub from the top of a pine tree. You leave with signatures on your cast and lipstick on your collar.

That's moxious!

AdventuresYou lose 3 Adventures.
Meat.gifYou spent 500 Meat.
You gain X Sarcasm.
Shorescrip.gifYou acquire an item: Shore Inc. Ship Trip Scrip
  • Prior to August 30, 2013:
You gain X Sarcasm.
Cast.gifYou acquire an item: cast

Occurs at Large Donkey Mountain Ski Resort.


  • Stats gained from this adventure are based on your level.
  • The reward for this adventure changed as part of the August 30, 2013 revamp of The Shore, Inc. Travel Agency.


  • "That's bad!" and "That's moxious!" are references to the game where one person says things alternating between good and bad, and the other person just says "That's good!" and "That's bad!"