A Pile of Haunted House Flyers

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A Pile of Haunted House Flyers appeared in the Clan Basement on October 16, 2011. It could be removed for 500,000 Meat (paid from your Clan Coffer) up until November 1st, and became The Haunted Sorority House.

There's a big pile of flyers for some kind of sorority fund-raiser haunted house on the floor. It looks pretty lame.

  • With correct clan privileges:

Luckily, there's a business card on the floor nearby for a flyer-removal company.

McRipoff Recycling Co.

Buried under paper? We'll take it off your hands, and bury it under dirt. Er... sell it to companies who will use it to make environmentally- friendly post-consumer recycled products. It's green!

Just 500,000 Meat

  • With too little Meat in coffer:
There's not enough Meat in your Clan Coffer to cover the price of the flyer removal.
  • With sufficient Meat in coffer:
A team of guys with wheelbarrows make short work of the pile of flyers.
It turns out that underneath the pile, there was actually a coupon for a free group visit to the haunted house. And underneath that is a big map with directions to the house. Maybe you should all go check it out, after all.