A Ruined House

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  • First visit, every 5 rollovers:

After a couple of hours of wandering in the desert, you discover the charred remains of a tiny house, surrounded by blasted sand.

You enter the house to find what appear to be several melted plastic mannequins. Strange.

You go into the kitchen, and find an odd, faintly glowing item sitting on the table. You grab it, but then the radiation levels start to make your teeth fall out, so you leave.

Anticheese.gifYou acquire an item: anticheese
  • Afterwards:

You already looted that place. Plus, y'know, the radiation. Probably shouldn't tempt fate for at least a few days.

Occurs at Desert Beach.


  • Can be visited while falling-down drunk.


  • For about an hour after the Desert Beach revamp, the "afterwards" message did not include the last sentence.


  • In the American nuclear-bomb testing program, mannequins were sometimes used to simulate human beings in houses and buses hit by the bomb explosions. Some of the testing occurred in remote desert areas of the western and southwestern US similar to the desert beach.