A Thanksgarden

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A Thanksgarden is a crop that appears in the garden at your Campground when you use a packet of thanksgarden seeds‎.

When "Used"

  • With one or more days of growth:
You are thankful for a bountiful harvest, and for the fact that your garden doesn't require any weeding or other actual maintenance.
Thanksucopia.gifYou acquire an item: cornucopia


Megacopia.gifYou acquire an item: megacopia


  • On days 1-6, harvesting produces an increasing number of cornucopias per day:
  • Harvesting on day 7+ produces 1 megacopia.
Day Result
1 1 cornucopia
2 3 cornucopias
3 5 cornucopias
4 8 cornucopias
5 11 cornucopias
6 15 cornucopias
7+ 1 megacopia

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