A folded paper strip

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a folded paper strip
a folded paper strip

This piece of paper appears to have been torn off of a longer strip, like when you're running a race and they hold up that ribbon for the winner to bust through. Part of a note appears to be written on it.

Left rough.gif Paperstriptop.gif Right wibbly.gif

Selling Price: 10 Meat.
Cannot be traded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: a folded paper strips)
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Item number: 4140
Description ID: 411336587
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Obtained From

A Large Chamber
infernal seal larva (as a Seal Clubber)
vengeful turtle spectre (as a Turtle Tamer)
evil spaghetti cultist (as a Pastamancer)
evil spaghetti cult priest (as a Pastamancer)
pernicious puddle of pesto (as a Sauceror)
slithering hollandaise glob (as a Sauceror)
psychedelic fur (as a Disco Bandit)
talking head (as a Disco Bandit)
evil trumpet-playing mariachi (as an Accordion Thief)
evil vihuela-playing mariachi (as an Accordion Thief)


  • The torn edges and the syllables for each of the eight paper strips are different for each adventurer.
  • Attempting to view this item's description when you do not yet have one changes the description to
    You don't have one of those to look at. Stop snooping!