Actual orcish frat boy

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Actual orcish frat boy
Monster ID 956
Locations Kegger in the Woods
Hit Points 100
Attack 45
Defense 63
Initiative 60
Meat 24-36
Phylum orc
Elements sleaze
Resistance None
Monster Parts head, arm, leg, torso
plastic cup of beer, plastic cup of beer, flask flops
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
actual orcish frat boy You're fighting an actual orcish frat boy

You see an actual orcish frat boy staggering around, a beer in each hand. "This party is totally ragin', brah!" he shouts. "Dude, these chicks are totally hot! They're not like the ancient sluts at the sorority house!"

Sigh. Do everyone a favor and put this guy out of everyone's misery, okay?

Hit Message(s):

He dumps cheap beer on your head. Great, that smell takes forever to come out. Ooh! Argh! (stench damage)

He tries to headbutt you, and ends up slamming his skull into your sternum. Yeowch. Ouch! Ugh!

He tries to punch you, but he has a beer in each hand. So he kicks you instead. Ooh! Oof!

He has an orquette hold his beer so he can punch you. Eek! Eek!

Critical Hit Message:

He trips you[sic] knees you in the forehead as you fall, then kicks you in the ribs while you're down. You're a little humiliated that he took you down without even spilling his beer. Oof! Argh! Ow! Oof!

Miss Message(s):

He tries to headbutt you, but he's seeing double, and he attacks the wrong you.

He tries to punch you, but he has a beer in each hand.

He threatens to punch you, but doesn't want to spill his beer.

He decides he needs to finish one of his beers before he punches you.

Fumble Message:

He takes a minute to give his cups of beer to two underage orquettes, then has to wait in the keg line for a couple more before he rejoins the fight. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Meat.gifYou gain 24-36 Meat (average: 30, stdev: 2.83)*
Plasticcup.gifYou acquire an item: plastic cup of beer
Plasticcup.gifYou acquire an item: plastic cup of beer
Sandals.gifYou acquire an item: flask flops (2% chance)*
You gain 11-12 <substat>.

Using a plastic cup of beer:

You hand the cup of beer to the frat boy, feeling slightly guilty about contributing to the delinquency of this particular minor. Then you remember that he was already pretty delinquent to begin with, and your guilt passes. The frat boy wanders off and passes out.

Having dispatched the frat boy, you wander off to a different part of the party.

Occurs at Kegger in the Woods.


  • The image name (1boy2cups.gif) refers to a rather notorious internet meme.