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If you're looking for information on The Hidden City altars, please see Altared Perceptions

An Altar is located at the heart of The Suburbs of Dis. You must gather various stones that the demons are carrying from the outlying zones.

Without any stones:

This altar was chiseled from stone by damned souls
There's a circle atop it, of six small round holes
Oh the things it might do if those six holes were filled!
When you think about that, you're both frightened and thrilled!
But nothing you've got fits inside those depressions,
Perhaps demon fights would augment your possessions?

With at least one, but not all stones:

This altar was chiseled from stone by damned souls
There's a circle atop it, of six small round holes.
Say! There's some stones that you've got that might work!
With a smirk, you insert them, then feel like a jerk,
There are more holes than stones, you infurbious blix!
If you're going to set stones you should maybe have six?

With all six stones:

Reality Altered by Altar
You place your six stones in the holes on the altar,
The ground starts to shake! Your resolve starts to falter!
The brimstone in front of you opens up wide,
And you see a repulsive thing rise from inside!
It nods at you lazily, eyes full of scorn
Let's make this thing wish it had never been born!

The Thing with No Name This monster is a Humanoid -- (edit metadata)

After beating The Thing with No Name:

This devilish altar's got just two holes left
Since you carved up the Thing With no Name (you're so deft!)
And though any claim 'bout these holes may be spurious,
You could put two stones in them. That is, if you're curious.
Place some stones

With a successful combination:

You put your stones in; there's a grinding that's fright'ning
And then you are struck by a bolt of black lightning!

When inserting the gluttonous and furious stones:

Madfat.gifYou acquire an effect: Sated and Furious
(duration: 100 Adventures)

When inserting the furious and vanity stones:

Handmirror.gifYou acquire an effect: Vanity Rage
(duration: 100 Adventures)

When inserting the vanity and lecherous stones:

Beerpride.gifYou acquire an effect: Inebriate Pride
(duration: 100 Adventures)

When inserting the lecherous and avarice stones:

Beermoney.gifYou acquire an effect: Amorous Avarice
(duration: 100 Adventures)

When inserting the avarice and jealousy stones:

Meatstack.gifYou acquire an effect: Covetous Robbery
(duration: 100 Adventures)

When inserting the jealousy and gluttonous stones:

Knifefork.gifYou acquire an effect: Voracious Gorging
(duration: 100 Adventures)

When the combination fails to make something:

You've placed your two stones, but the altar stays mute.
That's a combo that doesn't do anything! Shoot!

When not placing 2 stones:

You must select two stones.


  • After beating The Thing with No Name, all 6 stones are destroyed and must be regained by battling the bosses again.
  • Successfully using the stones will consume them. Unsuccessful uses do not consume them.
  • The order in which the stones are used is not important.
Stones Effect Notes
avarice and lecherous Amorous Avarice
  • +X% Meat from Monsters
  • X increases with drunkenness
avarice and jealousy Covetous Robbery
  • Increases meat drops from stingy monsters
jealousy and gluttonous Voracious Gorging
  • +X% Item Drops from Monsters
  • +Y% Food Drops from Monsters
  • Both X and Y increase with fullness
furious and gluttonous Sated and Furious
  • Weapon Damage +X
  • Spell Damage +X
  • X increases with fullness
furious and vanity Vanity Rage
  • Weapon Damage +X
  • Spell Damage +X
  • X increases with clothing power
lecherous and vanity Inebriate Pride
  • +X Stats Per Fight
  • X increases with drunkenness

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