An Overflowing Sewer Grate

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The Overflowing Sewer Grate is in the Clan Basement when it is first opened. It can be dug out for 1,000,000 Meat (paid from your Clan Coffer), and becomes The Old Sewers.

There's a sewer grate on the floor that appears to be backed up. Not in the 'sensitive data' or 'cover fire' sense, but in the 'nasty raw sewage all over the floor' sense. Yech.

  • If you have permission to administer Clan Dungeons:

Luckily, there's a business card on the floor next to the grate for a plumbing company.

McRipoff and Sons Plumbing

Any job, no matter what size,
for one low price:

1,000,000 Meat

Make the Call (1,000,000 Meat)
  • With too little Meat in coffer:
There's not enough Meat in your Clan Coffer to cover that repair.
  • With sufficient Meat in coffer:
A squadron of plumbers marches down the stairs into the basement. After a few minutes' work with a variety of nasty-looking implements, they march back out without a word.