Ancient protector spirit (The Hidden Apartment Building)

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Ancient protector spirit
Monster ID 442
Locations The Hidden Apartment Building
Hit Points 80
Attack 158
Defense 145
Initiative 10
Meat None
Phylum undead
Elements None
Resistance 100%
Monster Parts arm, head, leg, torso, ...wing?
Quest moss-covered stone sphere
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
ancient protector spirit You're fighting an ancient protector spirit

The door to the penthouse suite groans in protest as you push it open. The apartment interior is barely recognizable as having once been luxurious -- the crumbling plaster walls are criss-crossed with vines creeping in from the broken windows, and the ancient carpet has largely been replaced with moss and mushrooms.

A smoky, shadowy outline of a humanoid figure is lounging on the mouldering remains of a sofa. You guess it must be the ghost of an ancient high priest, given that his head is sort of in the shape of a tribal headdress. Unless those are wings? It's kind of hard to tell from the silhouette.

The figure stands, its eyes glowering at you with a baleful green light. It begins to chant in an ancient language you don't understand, finishing with a shout of "Bulbazinalli!". An extra-lush potted plant nearby explodes in a shower of crockery bits and mulch, and a mossy stone sphere of water rises into the air with the same bright green glow.

It's a pretty impressive scene, all in all. Fortunately, you aren't so entranced as to be surprised when the spirit lunges at you with its ghostly claws.

or returning later:

You march back into the penthouse suite, where the spectre is lying on the couch reading a crumbling magazine. "What, you again?" it says, looking up. "Didn't I already kill you?"

"I can't think of any witty banter," you say. "Let's just fight!"

"Okay, sure."

Hit Message(s):

The spirit uses its ghostly claws to rip you a new one. A new what? Well, I'll leave it to your imagination. Ouch! Eek! (spooky damage)

The spirit uses Razor Leaf! It's super-effective! Argh! Ooh!

The spirit shouts an invocation to Bulbazinalli, and numerous vines and roots shoot out of the walls to strangle you. Eek! Oof!

The spirit gestures with the glowing stone sphere, and a vine whips ooff of the wall and wraps around your throat. Eek! Ugh!

Critical Hit Message:

The spirit howls with fury and rage, holding the stone sphere up in the air. A huge gnarled tree root bursts out of the wall and punches you in the face. (CRITICAL HIT!) Eek! Ouch!

Miss Message(s):

The spirit tries to rip you a new one, but you decide you like the old one just fine.

The spirit uses Leech Seed! It's not very effective...

The spirit shouts an invocation to Bulbazinalli, and a nearby patch of moss ripples in a vaguely threatening way.

The spirit gestures for one of the plants to attack! A fern kind of waves at you ineffectually from the corner of the room.

Fumble Message:

The spirit charges at you, but somehow trips on a vine. How embarrassing. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Ss mossy.gifYou acquire an item: moss-covered stone sphere (100% chance)*
You gain ? <substat>.

Occurs when choosing Go to the Thrice-Cursed Penthouse in Action Elevator.