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Monster ID 381
Locations The Haunted Conservatory
Hit Points 25
Attack 22
Defense 21
No-Hit 17
Initiative 300
Meat None
Phylum plant
Elements None
Resistance None
Monster Parts meat, tendril
meat stack
Bounty handful of meatberries
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
anglerbush You're fighting an anglerbush

Strolling through Spookyraven Manor's Conservatory, you're somewhat surprised to find a dense meat stack lying on the ground. You're even more surprised when, as you go to pick it up, it turns out to be a dense meat stack-shaped flower on some kind of plant. And when that plant whips its tendrils around your neck, well, that's got to be the most surprising thing of all.

Hit Message(s):

It squeezes your neck with its ropy tendrils. It's getting harder and harder to breathe. Argh!

It whips you with its tendrils. You feel violated and in pain. Ugh! (sleaze damage)

It entangles you in its ropy tendrils and squeezes. Eek!

Critical Hit Message:

It grabs your arms in its tendrils and stretches you out, as though you were on the rack. And then it racks you, which is something entirely different. Ugh!

Miss Message(s):

It starts to squeeze your neck with its tendrils, but you remember to keep those neck muscles tense, old man.

It tries to tendril-whip you, but you give it a severe tongue lashing.

It tries to entangle you in its tendrils, but you avoid unnecessary entanglements.

Fumble Message:

It gets confused and tries to eat its own meat stack lure. Stupid plant. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Meatstack.gifYou acquire an item: meat stack (34.7% chance)*
Cran.gifYou acquire a bounty item: handful of meatberries
(X of 7 found)
You gain 2 <substat>.

Occurs at The Haunted Conservatory.


  • This monster bears a resemblance, in concept and in name, to the anglerfish.
  • The phrase "Keep your neck muscles tense, old man!" is a reference to a scene from Frank Miller's Sin City, in which Detective John Hartigan keeps his neck muscles tense to survive a hanging.
  • Additionally, the comment about avoiding unnecessary entanglements is reminiscent of one of Sir Alec Guinness's lines from Star Wars: "Let's say we want to .. avoid any Imperial entanglements."
  • The attack message about "getting harder and harder to breathe" could be a reference to the lyrics of a song by Maroon 5.