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Anime Smiley
Monster ID 139
Locations The Valley of Rof L'm Fao
Hit Points 67
Attack 77
Defense 69
No-Hit 87
Initiative 60
Meat None
Phylum horror
Elements bad spelling
Resistance None
Monster Parts caret, underscore
334 scroll, Tasty Fun Good rice candy
Pickpocket caret
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
Anime Smiley You're fighting an Anime Smiley

This innocent combination of Shift+6 and the underscore has somehow mutated into a freakish grinning face. OMG kawaiiiii!!!111!

Hit Message(s):

omg it kekekekes j00 in teh <nipple>!!!11!!! ;___; Oof! Argh! Ouch! (bad spelling damage)

omg it zerg rushes j00 in teh <shoulder>. kekekekeke! Oof! Ugh! Argh! (bad spelling damage)

LOL it pwnz0r3d j00!!!!111!!!(one)!!(eleven) Ow! Ow! Oof! (bad spelling damage)

WTF it pwnt j00 in teh f4c3! O_o Ow! Ow! Argh! (bad spelling damage)

WOFL wtf do3s w0fl mean? I m34n, OW! Ouch! Eek! Eek! (bad spelling damage)

ROFL it b34t j00 in teh <shins> ! Eek! Oof! Ouch! (bad spelling damage)

Critical Hit Message:

OMG it totally pwnz0r3d all over j00! J00 r so not 1337! Trai agin 2moz, l0000z0000RRRRRR!!!! Ugh! Ooh! Ow! (bad spelling damage)

Miss Message(s):

O__O it tried to kekekeke j00 but missed!!11!!! lol n00b.

omg it zerg rushes j00 but j00 pwnz0r it lol.

LOL it tri3d to pwnz0r j00 but couldn't! @___@

WTF it tri3d to pwn j00 but misz0r3d! -__-

WOFL wtf do3s w0fl mean?

ROFL it tri3d to b34t j00 in teh <leg> but missed! >___<

Fumble Message:

OMGWTFBBQ it totally failz0r3d to attack j00! PH33R J00R 1337 SKILLLLLLZZZZZZZZ!!!!1!!!111!!!!!?!?!?!?!? (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Scroll2.gifYou acquire an item: 334 scroll (31.5% chance)*
Candy.gifYou acquire an item: Tasty Fun Good rice candy (40.5% chance)*
You gain 19.25 <substat>.

Occurs at The Valley Beyond The Orc Chasm.


  • Using Pickpocket on this monster may yield a caret from about 4% of pickpocket attempts.
  • Used to drop 24-51 meat.


  • "Zerg rush" is a reference to the computer game StarCraft, in which the Zerg is an alien species. A zerg rush is a tactic by which one creates many comparatively weak but inexpensive and easy-to-produce units (zerglings) very quickly in the beginning stages of the game, in the hope of overwhelming an unprepared opponent.
  • "Kekekeke" is a reference to Korean players of online games, particularly StarCraft. "Kekeke" is the Korean equivalent of "hahaha" — in other words, laughter — which, obviously, will occur right after a successful zerg rush.
  • "Kawaii" is the Japanese word for cute.