Annual Ascot

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Annual Ascot
Annual Ascot

This is a more pretentious version of a necktie, made especially for a more pretentious sort of KoL player. Specifically, it's for one of the thirteen KoL players whose amazing artwork was featured in the 2010 Kingdom of Loathing Calendar. The calendar exists in that bizarre, alternately boring and terrifying world known as "real life," but this prize is 100% Kingdom of Loathing.

Congratulations on making the cut, and thank you for your amazing arts!

Type: accessory
Cannot be traded or discarded

All Attributes +12%

(In-game plural: I am a fish)
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Item number: 4315
Description ID: 804577053
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Obtained From

Given to artists of the 2010 Calendar of Loathing

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KoL Fan Art Calendar Artist Rewards
Year Reward Type Enchantment
2008 Paintbrush.gif Periodical Paintbrush 1-handed artsything Muscle +X%
Mysticality +X%
Moxie +X%
2009 Rberet.gif Seasonal Beret Hat Muscle +X%
Mysticality +X%
Moxie +X%
2010 Ascot.gif Annual Ascot Accessory All Attributes +12%
2011 Scrubs.gif Gregarious Gregorian Smock Shirt Muscle +X%
Mysticality +X%
Moxie +X%
2012 Knightpants.gif Leapin' Trousers Pants +1 Adventure(s) per day when equipped.
All Attributes +4
2013 Shield.gif Solstice Shield Off-hand Item Muscle +X%
Mysticality +X%
Moxie +X%
Damage Absorption +20
2014 Tube.gif Temporal Tempera Tube Off-hand Item Muscle +X%
Mysticality +X%
Moxie +X%
2015 Paintbrush.gif Petite Paintbrush Familiar Equipment +1 Adventure(s) per day when equipped.
X is equal to 5 × Y, where Y is the current Grimace darkness.