April Fools' Day

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Each year on April 1st, things in the Kingdom of Loathing are a little different than normal.

In addition, as of 2009, the tiny costume wardrobe is available from Mr. Store, and since 2011, The Spectral Pickle Factory becomes accessible.



  • Site Announcement:
    The announcement "In an effort to increase revenue, a small number of tasteful and unobtrusive advertisements have been added to the site." was posted and one of the following (quite hilarious) ads were randomly added to the upper left of the character pane each time it refreshed.
  • Combat Sponsors:
    In addition, rounds of combat were preceded by the text, "This round of combat brought to you by:", after which appeared one of the following ads:
Sponsor1.gif Sponsor2.gif
Sponsor3.gif Sponsor5.gif
Sponsor4.gif Sponsor6.gif


  • Site changes:
    When accessing http://www.kingdomofloathing.com/, the page appearing was changed from the regular login page to a parody of an atrocious domain-squatting directory site. Clicking on its title led you to http://www.site-pimp.com/, a web site owned by Jick which contained even more hilarious content. Any of the "domain squatting" links on the fake "directory site" took you to the legitmate KoL login screen.
  • Forum changes:
    • The Ring of Flame was pushed to the top of the KoL forums.
    • Several new, hybrid forums were created, such as "Gameplay-Ramblings", "Random-Discussion", and "The junk pile-mod forum". Anarchy reigned. Gameplay-Discussion and Random Ramblings were nowhere to be found.
    • When you posted in the forums, "the" would be changed to "TEH", "are" to "R" and "you" to "U".
  • Special Adventures:
    • All ultra rare adventures were appearing in the appropriate areas at non-rare frequencies and "forgetting" to drop the rare.
    [icon] You acquire an item: Fatal error: Call to undefined function giveitem() in /var/www/virtuals/www.kingdomofloathing.com/htdocs/fight.php on line 5035

So many people were boasting about about finding ultra-rare monsters, then getting angry that the rare wasn't dropped "because of a bug", that the mods started getting sick of it and banning people who mentioned ultra-rares. This backfired when one player was banned for boasting about meeting an ultra-rare monster which actually turned out to be the real thing. He was unbanned after equipping the Talisman of Baio he had just found. (Also, due to a genuine bug, this was in fact the first ultra-rare that had dropped in three months anywhere.)



  • Kingdom of Loathing Announcement:
"March 31
April's Item-of-the-Salad is now available in Mr. Store."
  • Site changes:
    • During maintenance, the Kingdom became the Kingdom of Salad.
    • Most effect, avatar, monster, adventure and item pictures became replaced with images of a bowl of salad.
    • In combat fumble messages, <body parts> were replaced with salad ingredients, like raspberry vinaigrette, fresh ground pepper, etc.
    • Random words in monster and item descriptions were replaced with "salad".
    • Players with a "KoL Player Pic" in their profile had their photo replaced with a photograph of a salad (one of five types -- a normal salad, a bread salad, a meat "salad", a fruit salad or a cheese "salad").
  • Forum Changes:
    • The forums were changed to "Forums of Salad" and all of the public subforums had their names changed (e.g., Kingdom Community became "Fruit Salad" and the Ring of Flame became the "Circle of Friendship and Love")
    • Some moderators had their names changed to the names of infamous users; John Crerar became Pappabear (after Pappabear, a player who is banned from the KoL forums), and Hogulus became xsmootx (after xSmootx, another player who is banned from the KoL forums).
    • All the threads in RR were deleted and some users were jokingly banned.
  • The Spectral Salad Factory:
The Spectral Salad Factory appeared in the Nearby Plains, in the same location where the Spectral Pickle Factory has previously appeared. The Salad Factory contained only one adventure, dropping one delicious salad per adventure.


  • Site Changes:
    • Every single holiday occurred, excluding the ones exclusively tied to the real world calendar such as Crimbo, Groundhog Day, and Talk Like a Pirate Day (though, oddly enough, including Friday the 13th).
    • Although Labór Day was announced on the main page, players did not receive the extra ten adventures.
    • Multi-colored text began appearing in chat. Early on it would just be a single word here or there, but as time progressed the frequency of colored words increased. In addition to colors, some words would occasionally blink. By rollover, practically all of chat was affected.
  • Special Items:


  • Site Changes:
    • Your familiar will transform into one of the April Fools' Familiars at the start of combat.
      • These include:
        1. Bank Piggy -- Takes 100 Meat every round, then returns the meat taken with 5% interest at end of combat (if you win. Try not to lose!)
        2. Egg Benedict -- Attacks you at the end of combat for 50% of your max HP. Even if your HP drops to zero as a result of its attack, you still win the fight.
        3. Floating Eye -- Paralyzes your foe or you, each turn. If you're paralyzed, your opponent will not miss, regardless of how high your moxie is. If you use a skill, the eye will always paralyze your opponent that turn.
        4. Money-Making Goblin -- Takes meat drops and either gives back double or loses everything.
        5. Oyster Bunny -- Drops an Oyster Egg at the end of combat.
        6. Plastic Grocery Bag -- Does nothing.
        7. Snowhitman -- Deals physical or cold damage, or gives 5 turns of B-b-brr! or Bruised Jaw.
        8. Vampire Bird -- Deals physical or hot damage during combat. Damages you at the end of combat and gains bonus experience based equal to the square root of your main stat, capped at 15.
        9. Worm Doctor -- Heals you or the foe.
      • Note:However, the Baby Bugged Bugbear was not affected by the April Fool's gag.
    • Usernames in chat changed color
    • The top pane slowly slid off the right side of the screen. If in compact mode, then the leftmost panel slowly slid downwards.
  • Special Items:





  • The Spectral Pickle Factory reappeared.
  • Site Changes
    • Added support for Australian browsers. (All the images in the game were flipped upside down.) May be toggled via Options->Interface->Miscellaneous Interface Options->Disable Australia Mode.
    • Multi-colored text began appearing in chat. Unlike the effects from 2009, this seemed to rarely affect most/all words in a single line of chat. It did not get more common over the course of the day, nor did any blinking text show.
  • Special Items