Are They Made of Real Dogs?

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Are They Made of Real Dogs?
Are They Made of Real Dogs?

"Woooof!" Your hallowiener dog is snuffling at something on the floor.

"What'd you find, boy?" you ask. "Is that a dog biscuit? Look, don't eat stuff off the floor. I know that, as a dog, that is basically your entire job description. But still you shouldn't do that."

You pick up the object, and it turns out to be not a dog biscuit, but a bat biscuit. So you were close.

Biscuit.gifYou acquire an item: sonar-in-a-biscuit

Occurs at Guano Junction.


  • The title references this exchange from The Addams Family (movie). A Girlscout asks Wednesday and Pugsly if their lemonade is made from real lemons; Wednesday asks if the Girlscout cookies are made from real Girlscouts.