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If a simple handgun is too small for you, try this! It's the big machine gun that a burly sidekick used to have instead of one arm, before you disarmed him. So if you've got bare arms, use them to bear arms, and then you'll be armed for bear.

(Meat Pasting component)
Type: ranged weapon (2-handed machine gun)
Damage: 14 - 28
Moxie Required: 55
Selling Price: 75 Meat.

Weapon Damage +10
+5% chance of Critical Hit

(In-game plural: armguns)
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Item number: 2684
Description ID: 582302917
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Obtained From

Penultimate Fantasy Airship
Burly Sidekick


You bring your arms to bear, asserting your right to do so by pumping <it> full of X bullets. ZOT! BOINK! SOCKO!
You swear that you don't have a gun, then prove you're a liar by shooting <it> for X damage. POW! SMACK! SPLAT!
You punch <it> with your non-gunned arm, then shoot <it> with your armgun. All in all, you do X damage (let's be honest -- most of that was the gun). BOOF! WHACK! POW!
You give <it> a free ticket to the gun show -- you flex your biceps, then shoot <it> for X damage. BIFF! ZOT! BARF!


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  • On the August 9, 2007 radio show, it was announced that this item does not yet drop. It still does not drop as of the July 17, 2008 radio show, though it was mentioned.
  • Became a drop from the Burly Sidekick on March 25, 2009.


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