Artisanal homebrew gift package

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artisanal homebrew gift package
artisanal homebrew gift package

This is a little wooden crate loaded with a sampling of 3 fine homebrewed beers. It's too nice to keep for yourself -- you should give it to a friend, or a loved one, or a coworker, or a radiologist or something.

Type: usable (self or others)
Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: artisanal homebrew gift packages)
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Item number: 6767
Description ID: 773404966
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Obtained From

Let's Brew! (3 handfuls of barley, 3 clusters of hops, 3 fancy beer bottles, 3 fancy beer labels)

When Used

Give a Homebrew Gift Package

Send a gift package to <textbox> (name or playerid)
or: <dropdown (pick a player from your contact list)>
[search players]

You should write on the label attached to the package.

X/500 characters used

You have Y more artisanal homebrew gift packages.

Use Item
Back to Inventory

When used successfully:

You send the artisanal homebrew gift package.


  • When used correctly, the player receives this, via KMail:
<Name> has sent you an artisanal homebrew gift package.

There's a message written on the label.

Crate.gifYou acquire an item: artisanal homebrew sampler
  • The line about the number of characters used does not appear until a message is typed. It will remain "characters" even if there's only 1 character, and the line remains after clearing the textbox.
  • The line containing your current number of packages will replace the word "packages" correctly if you only have one.
  • Trying to use the item without having a player selected, or with an invalid name:
    That player could not be found. Confound it.
  • Trying to use the item without having any message on the label:
    No message? How rude!
  • Trying to use more than 500 characters:
    You can't fit that many words on the label.


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