Artist's Cookie Cutter of Loneliness

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Artist's Cookie Cutter of Loneliness
Artist's Cookie Cutter of Loneliness

Granted, a cookie cutter can make individual pieces of cookie dough isolated and lonely. But as far as people are concerned, you're never truly alone if you have cookies to eat.

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 11 Meat.

Deals 10-20 Physical Damage

(In-game plural: Artist's Cookie Cutters of Loneliness)
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Item number: 6106
Description ID: 991825060
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Obtained From

A Kitchen Drawer
Cookie Cutter of Loneliness

When Used

  • In combat:
Cutter item.gif
You fling the cookie cutter at your opponent, hitting him for 10-20 damage.
Cutter item.gif
You try to press the Cookie Cutter of Loneliness into the Potatoes of Security, but Loneliness can only pierce the skin of Security; it lacks the cutting force to rend the flesh. The resulting dish doesn't look like art, and it barely looks like food.
Cutter item.gif
You press the Cookie Cutter of Loneliness into the Batter of Hope. Hope can still rise through Loneliness, but its shape is not the same as before; it's[sic] fluidity is lost and it separates into layers of artistically nourishing biscuit.
Cutter item.gif
You pound the Cookie Cutter of Loneliness into the Meat of Happiness. Loneliness deforms and destroys Happiness, making it into something altogether different; in this case, a stack of sausage patties, all the same. You shed a tear and salivate at the same time.
Cutter item.gif
You stab at the Eggs of Confidence with the Cookie Cutter of Loneliness, trying desperately to force the Eggs out of their shells and into the confines of the Cookie Cutter. But once the shell is broken, Confidence will not be contained, and it makes an oozy mess that's barely edible.
Cutter item.gif
You stamp the Cookie Cutter of Loneliness into the Bread of Wonder, containing all of its potential within an aluminum prison, leaving it forever maimed. The Wonder means nothing without others to share it with, making a tragic metaphor and a delicious dish of Novelty Toast.


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