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astral badger
astral badger

This is a very complex Nth-dimensional lifeform, the intersection of which with this universe happens to exactly resemble a badger. Scientists have been entirely unable to explain this, although the fact that they keep eating the mushrooms that the badger somehow creates, and thereby keep being flung into bizarre and inexplicable alternate dimensions, goes a long way towards explaining why.

To receive a map and a guided tour through the previous sentence, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to our home office in Sioux City, Iowa.

Hatches into:
Astral Badger

Type: familiar
Cannot be discarded
Free pull from Hagnk's

(In-game plural: astral badgers)
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Item number: 1621
Description ID: 793011281
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Mr. Store (1 Mr. Accessory)
The Raffle House

When Used

You put the astral badger in your Familiar-Gro™ Terrarium.

You place the astral badger in your terrarium. He jumps up and down in a strange, repetitive dance.
You decide to name him Hufferson.


  • June 2006's item of the month from Mr. Store.
Its in-store description: Attacks like a Micromechamech, and drops up to five Astral Mushrooms a day, which let you go into a new "area."


  • The "strange, repetitive dance" is a reference to the Internet meme Badger Badger Badger, as are the astral mushrooms. During the Badger Badger Badger sequence, the song includes a "Mushroom, mushroom," section. Much like the mysterious astral mushrooms, the quote "Mushroom, Mushroom," is often viewed as random and appearing from nowhere.
  • The sentence regarding the location of a home office is based on an early running gag perpetuated by David Letterman on his late night talk show. He would say the Top Ten List came from the home office of Sioux City, Iowa. The joke was that the CBS station in Sioux City wouldn't air Letterman's show at that point. See Cities that have been David Letterman's Home Office for more cities he's used.
  • The Nth-dimensional lifeform and intersection description is a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, in which the Nth-dimensional lifeforms are mice.
  • The mushrooms that fling scientists into "bizarre and inexplicable alternate dimensions" when the scientists eat them is most likely a reference to Psilocybin mushrooms otherwise known as magic mushrooms or shrooms. Psilocybin mushrooms give the consumers (who usually eat the mushroom like the scientists in the description) hallucinations that may be similar to the description.


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