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Not to be confused with The Avatar of Boris (Naughty Sorceress equivalent in Avatar of Jarlsberg).

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Avatar of Boris is the Spring 2012 special challenge path, introduced on February 15, 2012. This path adds variant rules and restrictions to an ascension run. Its description in The Bureau of Reincarnation reads "You're filled with the spirit of Boris, the voracious, ferocious, and prestigious Legendary Warrior of the Times of Old. Armed with only your trusty axe Trusty and your faithful minstrel Clancy, you'll use an entirely new set of skills to defeat the Sorceress."

During an Avatar of Boris run, players are given a unique set of equipment and skills, along with a companion in place of the standard familiars. Boris's (and therefore, your) feasting is the stuff of legend, but his (and your) alcohol tolerance is very poor.


  • Equipment
    • Trusty, your two-handed axe.
      • Attempting to directly equip any other weapon or offhand yields the following message: Boris has no need of lesser weapons. Trusty is all you need.
      • Attempting to equip another weapon through an outfit yields the following message: Boris doesn't need that lowly item.
      • You may unequip Trusty (e.g. to equip a time halo at rollover).
    • You will not begin with Torso Awaregness. You may re-earn it as normal from Fragnk or Melvign.
  • Familiars
    • No access to familiars. Attempting to equip a familiar or place one in the Crown of Thrones yields the following message: Boris has no need for familiars!
      • Your minstrel Clancy will perform functions similar to a familiar and will change functionality depending on what he has equipped. His initial equipment will make him restore HP and MP post-fight (similarly to a Ghuol Whelp, but 100% of the time).
    • Cannot use familiar hatchlings. Attempting to do so yields the following message: Boris has no need for familiars.
  • Skills
    • No access to any non-Avatar skills.
      • Skills gained outside the guild trainer, such as Gnome skills or Spookyraven skills, can be obtained as usual, but any previously permed are still unavailable unless obtained in-run. For obtaining a Spookyraven skill, the Avatar of Boris acts as a Seal Clubber.
  • Locations
    • Since you have no guild affiliation, you cannot open Fernswarthy's tower or basement.
    • You cannot adventure in The Sea. Attempting to talk to An Old Man gives the following message: That shack you saw on the main map was just a picture of a shack drawn on the ground.


  • Players will become intoxicated (and unable to adventure) upon reaching a drunkenness level of 5.
  • Players may eat to 20 fullness. This increases to 25 with Legendary Appetite, or 30 with Appetite and Stomach of Steel.
  • Players start with Boris's key and may immediately access Boris's Gate, which serves as a skill trainer. Learning skills does not cost any Meat.
  • Attempting to bring an astral weapon or off-hand item during reincarnation yields the following warning:
    The Avatar of Boris won't use anything but Boris's trusty axe, Trusty. Are you sure you want to take that astral pet?
  • Attempting to bring an astral shirt during reincarnation yields the following warning:
    The Avatar of Boris has no need to cover his manly nipples, do you really want to take that astral pet?
  • Attempting to bring an astral pet sweater during reincarnation yields the following warning:
    The Avatar of Boris has no need of familiar companions, do you really want to take that astral pet?
  • You cannot drop the Avatar of Boris path until day 3. Boris hated quitters.
  • Upon freeing King Ralph you must choose a class. If you choose a Moxie-based or a Mysticality-based class, muscle will switch with your new class's main stat. If you still have certain quest items when you do this, including Boris's key and Frobozz Real-Estate Company Instant House (TM), they are lost. (Not all quest items are lost in this way.)
  • Players may free pull Boris's Helm or Boris's Helm (askew).
  • On the Feast of Boris, despite being a holiday dedicated to you, you do not gain additional stomach capacity, just like other challenge paths. The wandering monsters also only drop the lower-level food.


Rather than playing any of the traditional 6 classes, you will play as an Avatar of Boris with entirely different skills.



Your avatar is replaced by: Boris avatar.gif Boris avatar f.gif

When wearing outfits, the outfit avatar overrides this avatar. A custom avatar is not affected.


You begin with two skills:

  • Mightyaxing.gif Mighty Axing – A normal attack that never fumbles and gives +1 muscle substat if used at least once during combat, even if it misses.
  • Hahahaha.gif Laugh it Off – Restores 1-2 HP.

Rather than purchasing new skills for meat, you may revel in Boris's glory at Boris's Gate. You may learn skills from 3 trees: Fighting, Shouting, and Feasting. Each skill you learn costs one skill point, regardless of rank.

You begin with 1 skill point, plus 1 point for each normal (softcore) Avatar of Boris ascension completed, and 2 points for each hardcore Avatar of Boris ascension completed. (This means that on your first AoB run, you'll only start with 1 skill point.) You gain 1 additional skill point each time you level up, up to level 15.

Since you only gain skill points up to level 15, if you want more than 15 skills, you must ascend repeatedly for bonus starting points.

You cannot skip ranks within a skill tree. In order to learn a 3rd-rank skill, you must first learn the 1st-rank and 2nd-rank skills from that same tree.

You can have only one song effect active at a time. Singing a different song will remove the first one automatically.

Rank Fighting Shouting Feasting
Name Type Effect Name Type Effect Name Type Effect
1 Axecleave.gif
5 MP
To-Hit bonus and heavy damage
(not auto-hit)
Intimidating Bellow
3 MP
Delevels by 15% of monster attack Sammich.gif
Demand Sandwich
5 MP
Summons 3 sandwiches a day
2 Angry.gif
Passive +25% Critical Hit Chance Exclam.gif
Legendary Bravado
Passive All Attributes +10 Girth.gif
Legendary Girth
Passive So-So Resistance to All Elements
3 Broadside.gif
10 MP
Stuns for 4 rounds Chorale.gif
Song of Accompaniment
10 MP
Minstrel Level +3 Song lunch.gif
Song of the Glorious Lunch
10 MP
+1 adventure per fullness from food, like Got Milk
4 Scharm.gif
Sick Pythons
Passive Lung.gif
Big Lungs
Passive Regenerate 8-10 HP per Adventure Bigbone.gif
Big Boned
Passive Maximum HP +30%
5 Peptalk.gif
Pep Talk
1 MP
+30 Monster Level
(toggled at will)
Song sol.gif
Song of Solitude
15 MP
Decreases Combat Frequency by 20% Stomach.gif
Legendary Appetite
Passive Increases stomach by 5
6 Throwtrusty.gif
Throw Trusty
7 MP
Ranged auto-hit combat skill Brokenflute.gif
Good Singing Voice
Passive Doubles duration of Boris songs Belch.gif
Heroic Belch
5 MP
Deals Stench Damage based on fullness
7 Clover.gif
Legendary Luck
Passive Significantly increases critical hit damage Song fortune.gif
Song of Fortune
10 MP
Hungry Eyes
Passive +100% Food Drops
8 Superiority.gif
Song of Cockiness
15 MP
+30 Monster Level Louder.gif
Louder Bellows
Passive Improves Intimidating Bellow (Delevels by 30%, stuns monster for one round) Candyheart.gif
More to Love
Passive Minstrel Level +3
9 Clock.gif
Legendary Impatience
Passive +100% Combat Initiative Song battle.gif
Song of Battle
10 MP
Barrel Chested
Passive Muscle +50%
10 Bifblow.gif
Bifurcating Blow
10 MP
Insta-kill with 20-adv cooldown Banishingshout.gif
Banishing Shout
50 MP
Banishes up to 3 enemies at a time Knifefork.gif
Passive +1 adventure per fullness from food

Once you have learned all of the skills in a category the page will say:

You have mastered <Skill Type>.

When you learn a skill:

The statue of Boris winks at you, and you feel new strength well up inside you. Or maybe that's just your stomach growling.
You acquire a skill: Confused.gif something...


Clancy is your bard, and serves as a replacement for your familiar.

Clancy can level up, but he does not gain weight like other familiars. Effects that increase familiar weight have no effect on him. He gains a level by encountering special path-specific noncombat adventures, and some skills can also increase Clancy's level (eg More to Love).

Clancy's effects depend on which instrument he is using. New instruments may be found in various places; using one causes him to swap to it, changing his avatar, and giving you back the previous instrument.

When Clancy uses the crumhorn or the lute, his effective volleyball or fairy weight is 5 times his level.



  • If this is your first run as the Avatar of Boris, opening the letter from King Ralph XI unlocks a new class tattoo. There is also a sparkly tattoo available upon completion of a hardcore run as an Avatar of Boris.
  • Players will receive a Thwaitgold stag beetle statuette upon defeating the Naughty Sorceress.
  • Learning all Boris skills (which requires a minimum of 15 extra Boris points at the start of the run) will grant a Note from Clancy after ascending, which grants Request Sandwich.
  • Reaching Level 30 as an Avatar of Boris makes you eligible for the And My Axe trophy.
    • Freeing the King, or dropping Avatar of Boris, will make you ineligible for the trophy.


  • Somewhere around the beginning of September 2012, Avatars of Boris became unable to enter The Sea. Prior to this, they could talk to the Old Man and enter normally. This caused some glitches:
    • When obtaining a Sea skill, you were treated as a Turtle Tamer.
    • If you broke the prism and changed class after entering the Sea but before finishing all of the Sea quests (little brother, big brother, grandpa + skill, grandma), you were unable to proceed with any of them. This broken state persisted until you ascended.
  • Prior to The Naughty Sorceress' Tower revamp on 2015, the Avatar of Boris was able to bypass some of its obstacles with little resistance:
    • No star weapon was needed for the Star Key part of A Perplexing Door; instead, Trusty needed to be equipped.
      Trusty is made of stuff older than the stars, and makes short work of the cage.
    • You did not have to equip the huge mirror shard to deflect the Naughty Sorceress's attack:
      You laugh as the beam of energy harmlessly bounces off your powerful chest muscles and shoots back down the hallway. You hear a muffled curse and the sound of breaking stone.
    • You needed not fear the Sorceress's familiars:
      Calling on all the Boris inside you, you emit a mighty bellow, and the sorceress's pet goes running. That takes care of that!
  • Prior to the introduction of the quest The Shirt Off His Lack of Back, the astral shirt was of dubious use in a Boris run as it required you to play a gnome sign and buy the skill to wear shirts during the run. Now that this quest was introduced, you can acquire the ability to wear shirts immediately at the start of the run (quest scales with level, and costs 21 adventures). You will still receive a warning if you try to take an astral shirt into a Boris run, but the warning can be safely ignored.
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