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Not to be confused with The Avatar of Sneaky Pete (Naughty Sorceress equivalent in Avatar of Boris).


Avatar of Sneaky Pete is the Spring 2014 special challenge path, introduced on February 15, 2014. This path adds variant rules and restrictions to an ascension run. Its description in The Bureau of Reincarnation reads "You're filled with the spirit of Sneaky Pete, the Legendary Cool Guy of the Times of Old. Armed with sneaky thief skills and a cool talking motorcycle, you'll be the toast of the town."

You become an Avatar of Sneaky Pete, a moxie class with skills that rely on the love or hate of your studio audience. You have no access to permed skills, no familiars, a small stomach, but a large capacity for booze.


  • Items
    • No access to your bookshelf.
    • No access to the fax machine, with the message:
      Have you ever seen a cool person use a fax machine? I didn't think so.
  • Familiars
    • You cannot access any familiars. If you try to take one with you, you get:
      Familiars weren't cool enough for Pete.
    • This includes putting familiars into the Crown of Thrones or the Buddy Bjorn.
    • Instead, your motorcycle will serve as its replacement. You can upgrade one of its parts at every even level, which gives bonus effects.
  • Skills
    • No access to any non-Avatar skills. If you try to learn a skill from a book, such as Summer Nights, you get:
      Pete was too cool for books.
    • You can Pickpocket, like other Moxie classes. Note that pickpocketing decreases approval, even if you don't steal anything.
  • Locations
    • Since you have no guild affiliation, you cannot open Fernswarthy's tower or basement.
    • You cannot adventure in The Sea. Attempting to talk to An Old Man gives the following message:
      That shack you saw on the main map was just a picture of a shack drawn on the ground.
    • You cannot donate meat at Sneaky Pete's Gate.


  • Your ascension starts with the expository adventure Repeat As Pete.
  • You can drink up to 19 drunkenness without becoming falling-down drunk. This can be increased with Hard Drinker and/or Liver of Steel. Note that you lose any bonus liver size you get from being an Avatar of Sneaky Pete upon breaking the prism. After a silent update in early March 2014, breaking prism reduces your drunkness to the new limit (14 without Liver of Steel, 19 with), but only if you are not already overdrunk. (Dropping the path does not reduce current drunkness and can still result in sudden overdrunkness.)
  • You can only eat up to 5 fullness.
  • Attempting to bring an astral pet sweater during reincarnation yields the following warning:
    The Avatar of Sneaky Pete has no need of familiar companions, do you really want to take that astral pet?
  • You start with Sneaky Pete's basket and Sneaky Pete's key.
  • You can immediately access Sneaky Pete's Gate, which serves as a skill trainer.
  • You can immediately access Nash Crosby's Still, via your workshed.
  • You can pull a Sneaky Pete's leather jacket (or Sneaky Pete's leather jacket (collar popped)) from Hangk's for free, and may equip it even in Hardcore.
  • You cannot drop the Avatar of Sneaky Pete path during the first 3 days of your run, from Options; see above on drunkness.
  • Upon freeing King Ralph you must choose a class. Doing so also removes Sneaky Pete's key and effects granted by Sneaky Pete's skills and unequips any shirt you may wear. If you choose a Muscle-based or a Mysticality-based class, moxie will switch with your new class's main stat.


Rather than playing any of the traditional 6 classes, you will play as an Avatar of Sneaky Pete with entirely different skills.

  • Your main stat is Moxie.
  • You will not be accepted into any of the traditional guilds. You will not be able to use a guild to unlock any quests or areas.
    Sneaky Pete wouldn't join any organization that wasn't cool enough to already have him as a member.
  • The tavern non-combat says you are a DB.


  • You won't need a Wand of Nagamar for the Naughty Sorceress fight. Instead of her third form, you will fight The Avatar of Jarlsberg.
    • You will face the first two forms of the Sorceress, and then The Avatar of Jarlsberg, all in sequence without a break. The Sorceress will strip your effects as she usually does.
    • The entire boss fight sequence will take 2 adventures if you have them, but you can begin the fight (and hopefully win) with just 1 adventure left.


Your avatar is replaced by: Peteavatar.gif Peteavatar f.gif

When wearing outfits, the outfit avatar overrides this avatar. A custom avatar is not affected.


Sneaky Pete always has a studio audience. The audience's opinion of him will fluctuate depending on his actions, causing certain skills to have increased or reduced effectiveness. Audience Love and Hate occupy the same resource "slot" and work in opposition to one another; one of either Love or Hate will always be at 0 (or both). They are both capped at 30. This cap is increased to 50 if you have a Sneaky Pete's leather jacket equipped (popped or otherwise).

The following actions manipulate audience approval ratings:

The following skills scale based on audience ratings:

  • Catchphrase: Increased damage and delevel based on audience Love
  • Rev Engine: Each cast gives you turns of All Revved Up equal to your Love or Hate, with a minimum of 5 turns.
  • Biker Swagger: Each cast gives you turns of Biker Swagger equal to your Love or Hate, with a minimum of 10 turns.
  • Insult: Increased damage and delevel based on audience Hate
  • Born Showman: +1 Moxie per 2 Love or Hate
  • Throw Party: Drops more ingredients the more the audience loves you
  • Incite Riot: Drops more items the more the audience hates you
  • Snap Fingers: Stun duration increases with audience Love
  • Check Mirror: You require at least 20 Love to change your hairstyle to a Cowlick, and 20 Hate to change it to a Fauxhawk.
  • Make Friends: On top of the MP cost, using this skill requires at least 20 Love and increase audience Hate by 20.


You begin with two skills:

  • Btee.gif Best Dressed - Allows you to equip shirts, and also passively grants +1 Moxie stat per fight.
  • Mug.gif Mug for the Audience - Grants 1-2 Moxie stats when used, and increases audience engagement by 1 Love. Requires initiative to use.

Instead of purchasing skills, you can visit Sneaky Pete's Gate to learn new skills. You may learn skills from 3 trees: Lovable Rogue, Motorcycle Guy, and Dangerous Rebel. Each skill costs one skill point to learn, regardless of rank.

You begin with 1 skill point, plus 1 point for each normal (softcore) Avatar of Sneaky Pete ascension completed, and 2 points for each hardcore Avatar of Sneaky Pete ascension completed. (This means that on your first AoSP run, you'll only start with 1 skill point.) You gain 1 additional skill point each time you level up, up to level 15. The jug of Sneaky Pete's Mojo, an item from Mr. Store, produces 15 shots of Sneaky Pete's Mojo; when used, a shot permanently adds 1 skill point to your pool.

You cannot skip ranks within a skill tree. In order to learn a 3rd-rank skill, you must first learn the 1st-rank and 2nd-rank skills from that same tree, and so on.

Rank Lovable Rogue Motorcycle Guy Dangerous Rebel
Name Type Effect Name Type Effect Name Type Effect
1 Tattle.gif
4 MP
Weaken and damage an enemy, scales with audience Love Engine.gif
Rev Engine
5 MP
All Revved Up
(+10 all stats)
(Adventures equal to audience Love or Hate, min 5)
4 MP
Damages and delevels enemy, scales with audience Hate
2 Shaker.gif
Passive You can make every cocktail Showman.gif
Born Showman
Passive +1 Moxie per 2 audience Love/Hate Fast.gif
Live Fast
5 MP
Living Fast
+100% Combat Initiative, Maximum HP -30%
(10 Adventures)
3 Partyhat.gif
Throw Party
(Once Per Day)
Gives 3-6 base boozes, base fruits, and Advanced Cocktailcrafting ingredients, amount received scales with audience Love Wheelie.gif
Pop Wheelie
Deal a bunch of damage and weaken opponent Fire.gif
Incite Riot
(Once Per Day)
Gives 1-3 smoke grenades, molotov sodas, piles of ashes, and crates of firebombs, amount received scales with audience Hate
4 Jukebox.gif
Fix Jukebox
(Three Times a Day)
  • Jukebox Hero
    +300% Item Drops from monsters
    (1 Adventure)
  • +10 audience Love
Rowdy Drinker
Passive +1 Adventure per drunkenness from booze, like Ode to Booze Sharkfin.gif
Jump Shark
(Three Times a Day)
Gives substats, +10 audience Hate
5 Bulb.gif
Snap Fingers
5 MP
(Once per Fight)
Stuns an opponent for X turns, based on audience Love Peelout.gif
Peel Out
10 MP
Free runaway (Limit of 10 per day) Magnet.gif
Animal Magnetism
  • Your MP is based on Moxie instead of Mysticality
  • Regenerate 8-10 MP per Adventure
6 Candyheart.gif
Shake It Off
30 MP
Restore all of your HP and remove all negative effects Motorbike.gif
Easy Riding
Passive +5 Moxie Stats Per Fight Cigarette.gif
Smoke Break
10 MP
(Once per Fight)
Deal damage to an opponent over multiple rounds
7 Comb.gif
Check Hair
Of Course It Looks Great
+100% Item Drops from monsters
(10 Adventures)
Check Mirror
Non-Combat Spends 1 Adventure to gain a mutually exclusive intrinsic:
Hard Drinker
Passive Liver Capacity +10
8 Cocktailkit.gif
Cocktail Magic
Passive Mix cocktails without spending Adventures Tallguy.gif
Riding Tall
Passive +30% Muscle & Mysticality, +50% Moxie Moneybag.gif
Unrepentant Thief
Passive +50% Pickpocket Chance
9 Happy.gif
Make Friends
30 MP
Increases appearance rate of a monster, like Olfaction but not as powerful. Costs 20 Love to use Swagger.gif
Biker Swagger
30 MP
Biker Swagger
+30 Monster Level
(Adventures equal to audience Love or Hate, min 10)
20 MP
-15% Combat Frequency
(10 Adventures)
10 Dance3.gif
Natural Dancer
Passive +200% Item Drops from Monsters Headlight.gif
Flash Headlight
15 MP
Shine your headlight on opponents, do damage and other cool things based on your installed headlight. Explode.gif
Walk Away From Explosion
30 MP
Insta-kill and banish a monster, retaining stat gains and possible item drops; 30-turn cooldown

When you learn a skill:

You acquire a skill: Confused.gif something...


Bigbike.gif Bigbike anim.gif

As an Avatar of Sneaky Pete, your motorcycle will be your trusty companion. By default, its factory parts are just for show, but at every even level (2, 4, 6, etc.) the bike starts moving and you can click on it to get to Upping Your Grade, where you can upgrade the bike in various ways. Each part can be upgraded once, and you cannot change parts once upgraded.


  • Racing Slicks: Peel Out 20 more times per day
  • Spiky Tires: Pop Wheelie deals more damage
  • Snow Tires: Allows you to ascend the Peak, right to Groar (skips goat cheese, ore, eXtreme Slope/Ninjas, and the panicking Yetis)

Gas Tank:



  • Ghost Vacuum: Every combat in a Cyrpt sub-zone removes 1 additional Evil from that zone; deals passive physical damage to undead.
  • Rocket Launcher: Deals damage at the start of all combats, and while fighting on The Battlefield, kills an additional 3 soldiers of whichever side you're fighting.
  • Sweepy Red Light: +5 Stats per fight



  • Massage Seat: Regenerate 5-6 HP and MP per Adventure
  • Deep-Seat Cushions: Find 20-30 Meat after combat
  • Sissy Bar: -30 to Monster Level

Council Text

See The Council of Loathing/Avatar of Sneaky Pete.



  • If this is your first run as the Avatar of Sneaky Pete, opening the letter from King Ralph XI unlocks a new class tattoo. There is also a sparkly tattoo available upon completion of a hardcore run as an Avatar of Sneaky Pete.
  • Players will receive a Thwaitgold dragonfly statuette upon defeating the Naughty Sorceress.
  • Reaching Level 30 as an Avatar of Sneaky Pete makes you eligible for the Cool Guy trophy.
    • Freeing the King, or dropping Avatar of Sneaky Pete, will make you ineligible for the trophy.


  • Originally, you could do your second and further Motorbike upgrades one level before the animation showed up; however, this bug was corrected sometime before 11:00 AM Arizona time on February 16, 2014.
  • For at least some period of time, you could use a combat macro to both Mug for the Audience and Pickpocket in the same battle. This was fixed on February 22, 2014.
  • Prior to the NS Lair revamp on January 1, 2015, the lair had a few divergences for this path:
    • You did not need a star starfish for the lair, just a star weapon and a star hat. Retrieving the sheet music gave this message:
      You deftly grab the sheet music.
    • You did not need familiars to defeat the Sorceress's familiars. When facing them:
      You back up your motorcycle and jump right over the sorceress' pets, like some sort of... Knievel.
  • Prior to an update on January 1, 2019, the path could be dropped at will.
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