Bad Medicine is What You Need

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Bad Medicine is What You Need
Bad Medicine is What You Need

Dust flies as you open the medicine cabinet. The shelves are mostly filled with yellowed wrappers and empty bottles (you're guessing that the bottles once contained, like, tinctures or something,) but there are three things that seem to still be useful -- an antique bottle of cough syrup, a mostly-empty tube of hair oil, and a brown glass bottle labeled "ultravitamins."

For some reason not adequately explained here, you only have time to grab one of the items. Which one would you like?

Take the cough syrup
Coughsyrup.gifYou acquire an item: antique bottle of cough syrup

Take the hair oil
Tube.gifYou acquire an item: tube of hair oil

Take the vitamins
Goofballs.gifYou acquire an item: bottle of ultravitamins

Take off

You close the medicine cabinet and leave.

Occurs in The Haunted Bathroom as a choice of Having a Medicine Ball.


  • Choosing "Take off" does not consume an Adventure.


  • This is a reference to the Bon Jovi song Bad Medicine which includes the lines: "Your love is like bad medicine / Bad medicine is what I need"