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The Bagelmat-5000 gazes longingly at you with its strange, needle-like pupils. Either that or the needles in the Bagelmat-5000's two gauges indicate that all systems are nominal and that the machine is ready to make some bagels.

A label on the front reads, simply enough, "INSERT DOUGH." You turn the word "dough" over in your mind. "Dough. Dough. Dough dough." It's funny. It's a funny word.

You snap out of your dough reverie, annoyed with yourself. This place is probably killing a lot of brain cells.

You have X wads of dough in your sack.

Insert a wad of dough

You shove a wad of dough into the slot on the top of the machine, and press the big bagel-shaped button on the front. There is a whirring followed by a gurgling followed by three bagels dropping into the tray at the machine's base.

Jarl bagel.gifYou acquire 3 plain bagels

Jam your candy cane sword into the machine

You draw your sword and jam it into the machine. You manage to roll some left over dough remnants around the flavorful tip of your sword.

Powderdonut.gifYou acquire an item: peppermint donut

Leave the machine

You decide that you no longer trust Bagelman 5000. He was looking at you funny.

Leads to Heart of Madness

Occurs from Heart of Madness.


  • Choosing to insert a wad of dough does not end the adventure.
  • Leaving takes an adventure, and takes you back to Heart of Madness.