Bags of Goodies

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Bags of Goodies are what clans involved in clan warfare fight over. The amount of Bags of Goodies that you can steal from attacking another clan depends on how many Knob Goblin Grunts you have, as well as how many bags the target clan currently holds.

In order to promote utter chaos Jick also added a section under the Clan leaderboards rewarding those clans who have amassed the most bags, and other than trying for the best won-loss record are the other prime reason to engage in clan warfare. When attempting to ascend these boards it must be kept in mind that you are only able to attack clans with bags of goodies.

For moneyed types who don't want to fight for them, each bag costs 1000 meat in The War Room. The goodie bags have no use but to drive clan warfare and to put clans on the leaderboards. They were created by Jick as a meatsink to remove some of the bugmeat that entered the economy from Black Sunday.


These represent your clan's wealth and status. Other clans will try to steal these, and you'll try to steal them from other clans.