Barrrtleby's Barrrgain Books

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Barrrtleby's Barrrgain Books

Barrrtleby's Barrrgain Books is located at the Obligatory Pirate's Cove (in disguise) on the Mysterious Island of Mystery.

Swashbuckling Getup or pirate fledges are required to shop here.

Barrrtleby Avast ye, me harrrdy. And then avail ye, of these fine books, both harrrdcover and paperback.

Items Sold

Item: Price:
Pamphlet.gif pirate tract 300 Meat
Pamphlet.gif pirate pamphlet 300 Meat
Pamphlet.gif pirate brochure 300 Meat
Book4.gif The Big Book of Pirate Insults 500 Meat


"Say," you ask, "why does everything seem so… normal around here? Are you guys not having trouble with the zombie plague? You don't even seem surprised to see me, and look -- I've got a hole right here in the side of my face, you can see my teeth through it."
"Oh, there's always been a large undead population here, aye," Bartleby says. "Ghost pirates, skeleton pirates, zombie pirates. Even had a wossname come through 'ere once, one o' them Asian ladies whose heads come off and float around with their guts trailing behind 'em. Seen much worse'n you, yarrr."
  • If you try to shop here during the Island War, you will be blocked with this message:
You don't belong in this store.


  • The store used to sell the abridged dictionary before December 31, 2018. It could only be purchased once per ascension.
  • The name of this store was changed on February 19, 2014. It used to be "Barrrtleby's Barrrgain Bookstore".


  • The undead asian lady head monster referred to is the Penanggalan.