Battery-powered drill

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battery-powered drill
battery-powered drill

You know the drill. It's a tool used for making very precise holes in things. In this case, it's also a tool for making an annoying whirring noise.

Type: weapon (1-handed drill)
Damage: 13 - 25
Muscle Required: 47
Selling Price: 185 Meat.

Spell Damage +100%
Maximum HP/MP +50
+10 to Monster Level
+10% Meat from Monsters

(In-game plural: battery-powered drills)
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Item number: 7781
Description ID: 859401663
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Obtained From

The Secret Government Laboratory
government scientist


You drill a neat hole in your opponent's <monster part> which deals X damage. BARF! BOINK! WHAMMO!


  • The hit message uses a random part of the monster you're fighting.
  • Prior to March 13, 2015, the hit message didn't mention how much damage the hit dealt:
You drill a neat hole in your opponent's <monster part> KAPOW! BOINK! ZOT!

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