Beginner's Luck

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Beginner's Luck
Beginner's Luck

While swimming about in the depths of the soup, you encountered a treasure trove! A pile of deceased and decaying microorganisms, just sitting there! You experienced a thrill, a quivering of anticipation...

You scavenged the pile

You experienced happiness unlike anything you'd felt before, as you plundered the bountiful pile of organic booty.

At some point in the distant future, a ten-leaf clover would disappear in a puff of smoke.

Mem amino.gifYou acquire 2-5 memories of some delicious amino acids
Mem a.gifYou acquire some memories of As
Mem g.gifYou acquire some memories of Gs
Mem c.gifYou acquire some memories of Cs
Mem t.gifYou acquire some memories of Ts

Occurs at The Primordial Soup (with a ten-leaf clover), though you must first ingest one memory of an amino acid obtained from swimming downwards in The Primordial Directive non-combat, and then do it again and swim upwards the second time.


  • You will receive 2-4 random memories of a base (A, C, G, T), with duplicates possible.