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The Mini-Pearly Gatekeeper:

"How-deeee! Welcome to the afterlife, Adventurer! I reckon you're itchin' to see what's on the other side of these here gates, but we've got some business to take care of 'afore I can let you through."

The spirit steps up to a massive book on a glowing marble pedestal and begins to flip through it.

"Let's see, here. [X]aarvis, [Xy]abworski, ah, here you are. <player>.

Hoo-wee, that was quite a life you just lived, there!"

For rescuing King Ralph XI in a casual/normal/hardcore <path> incarnation:


For rescuing King Ralph XI in your first normal/hardcore <path> incarnation:


For starting over, without rescuing King Ralph XI:

Karma.gif You gain X Karma.

For selflessly discarding Instant Karma in your mortal life:

Karma.gif You gain (# of Instant Karma discarded * 11) Karma.

The spirit continues: "Allrighty. Head on in there, sugar. You've earned it." as the gates slowly swing open, revealing the majestic glory of Valhalla.

Apermery.gif Adelilama.gif Apetheaven.gif

Beyond the Pale (Also called Valhalla) is where your character can ascend to after defeating the Naughty Sorceress and freeing King Ralph XI. The astral plane acts mainly as a waystation for adventurers to return to the Kingdom of Loathing and face the game's challenges again, and is thus not actually considered part of the Kingdom.

Upon entering the astral plane, you will be rewarded Karma based on certain feats you have accomplished in your last ascension. Karma can only be spent here, and you can save up Karma between ascensions. Karma is used to perm a skill (Softcore or Hardcore), and buy Astral food or Astral equipment to be used on your next reincarnation.


  • When you enter this area, you become the character class Astral Spirit, which means nothing more than lack of one of the six character classes:
Astral SpiritAstral Spirit
  • As an Astral Spirit, your level, Muscle, Mysticality, Moxie, HP, MP, and Adventures are set to infinity (∞), but as you might expect, on a plane of existence where everyone is the same, infinite stats are not very useful.
  • While here, you are almost completely barred from interacting with the Kingdom. You may not enter any area of the Kingdom, nor may you check your profile (or anyone else's) or character sheet, nor may you use any items or skills you had in your life before. You may not read messages or access the account menu. You may not receive any items or meat from other players, and although other players can still send you messages and packages from The Gift Shop, you will not actually receive them until you leave Valhalla. You will receive notification in chat when other players brick you or pie you, but you will not receive any attached brick message, nor will you receive the Pie in the Face effect. You may however participate in chat (and, as always, in the forums).
  • When she is finding you in her records, the first letter of the first name on her list will be the same as the first letter of your name, and the first two letters of the second name will be the same as the first two letters of your name. So if your name is Drexel, the other names would be Daarvis and Drabworski, even if this would put the names out of alphabetical order.


  • On May 17, 2011, Valhalla was reconstructed. Before, Valhalla was a much more dull and boring place.
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  • Valhalla is part of Norse mythology, it is "Odin's hall, the home for those slain gloriously in battle."
  • "Beyond the Pale" originally meant "outside the jurisdiction of the Crown". "Pale" descends from the Latin "palus", which was a wooden stake. (That's where we get "impale".) The English would put up a fence line to mark their boundaries, especially between England and Ireland, and around the last English holding in France. If you went "beyond the pale", you were stepping outside of protection of the Crown and its army.
  • The infinite fun on this plane stems from Jick's The Hidden Brotherhood.
  • The Mini-Pearly Gatekeeper is a reference to Southern comedienne Minnie Pearl, right down to her trademarked tagged hat and catchphrase.