Big Boat

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Big Boat
Big Boat

This trophy is earned by taking 1000 trips at The Shore.

Big Boat You're entitled to the "Big Boat" Trophy, for having taken 1,000 Shore trips.


  • The shore trip counter is reset after ascension so this trophy must be obtained in a single run.
  • It would take exactly 3,000 adventures and 500,000 meat in shore trips to get this trophy, plus 10,000 meat to buy the trophy itself. The meat cost can, however, be offset by using the Shore Inc. Ship Trip Scrip gained from each trip to buy meat globes, which give 600 to 800 meat when used (after the first).
  • Cristobal Colon has three of these in his Trophy Case, to symbolize the Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria.


  • The image filename, "party_on_the_big_boat.gif", possibly gives a nudge towards the movie Speed 2: Cruise Control, which boasts the oft-quoted line by Sandra Bullock, "Alright, who wants to party on the big boat besides me?".