Blood bag

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blood bag
blood bag

One pint, O negative -- just what the vampyre ordered.

(Cooking ingredient)
(Cocktailcrafting ingredient)
Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

Restore all of your HP

(In-game plural: blood bags)
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Item number: 10068
Description ID: 205374773
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Obtained From

Right Side of the Tracks
The Blood Bank (5 or 7/day)
Lil' Doctor™ bag (1/day)
Dark Feast (with a vampyric cloake equipped) (1/day)

When Used

  • When not fully healed:
You drink the entire bag of sweet delicious blood.
HPYou gain all hit points.
  • When fully healed:
You aren't in need of any more blood right now.
(Item is not consumed)



Craft blood bag with: Result Type Adv. gain
wad of dough bloodstick food, size 1 11 Adventures
batgut or ratgut actual blood sausage food, size 1 14 Adventures
plain snowcone blood snowcone food, size 1 17 Adventures
blackberry blood roll-up food, size 1 20 Adventures
filthy poultice or gauze garter blood-soaked sponge cake food, size 1 23 Adventures
fermenting powder bottle of Sanguiovese booze, size 1 11 Adventures
spices mulled blood booze, size 1 14 Adventures
glass of goat's milk Red Russian booze, size 1 17 Adventures
Any dusty bottle of wine dusty bottle of blood booze, size 1 20 Adventures
carbonated soy milk or Monstar energy beverage vampagne booze, size 1 23 Adventures


  • This item does not disappear when you break the prism, but it will disappear when you ascend. However, the food and booze you can craft from it are not quest items.
  • Using this item as a non-Vampyre still restores HP as normal.

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