Blue snowcone

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blue snowcone
blue snowcone

This snowcone is dripping with intensely blue, super-sticky syrup. It looks like someone was having a blue, blue crimbo, and when the blue snowflakes started fallin', they collected them into one tasty treat.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 30 Meat.
Effect: Blue Tongue (20 Adventures)+30% Item Drops from Monsters

(In-game plural: snowcones blue)
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Item number: 1416
Description ID: 967532252
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Obtained From

Summon Snowcone

When Used

  • If your tongue is not colored:
You eat the blue snowcone. Your tongue turns blue, bah da bee ba da bah. So blue, in fact, that it's difficult to enunciate.
Tongue.gifYou acquire an effect: Blue Tongue
(duration: 20 Adventures)
  • If your tongue is already colored:
Your mouth is still cold from the last snowcone you ate. Try again later.


  • The "blue, blue Crimbo" is a reference to the Elvis Christmas song "Blue Christmas".
  • The "bah da bee ba da bah" part of the use text is a reference to "Blue (Da Ba De)" by Eiffel 65. "Difficult to enunciate" likely refers to the fact that this song's lyrics after the line "I'm blue" are electronically garbled to the point that most listeners can't make out what they're saying.


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Summoned Snowcones
purple | green | orange | red | blue | black
Snowcone Effects ([Color] Tongue)
purple +20 HP & +20 MP per Fight
green +5 lbs. to Familiar Weight & +2 Familiar Experience Per Fight
orange +3 Stats Per Fight
red +50% Meat from Monsters
blue +30% Item Drops from Monsters

black +20 HP & +20 MP per Fight, +5 lbs. to Familiar Weight, +2 Familiar Experience Per Fight, +3 Stats per Fight, +50% Meat from Monsters, +30% Item Drops from Monsters