Booke of Vampyric Knowledge

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Booke of Vampyric Knowledge
Booke of Vampyric Knowledge

Forbidden secrets of ancient Vampyre clans, bound in human -- no, wait, it's just normal leather. False alarm.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

Grants one of several Vampyric skills

(In-game plural: Bookes of Vampyric Knowledge)
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Item number: 10180
Description ID: 352913194
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Obtained From

The Sorceress' Chamber
%alucard% (Dark Gyffte challenge path only, while it was the current challenge path)


  • Before this item's functionality was added:
You got here too fast, and this item isn't implemented yet.
  • After this item's functionality was added:
You stare at the pages of the book, trying to decipher the crimson runes written on them. Your brain doesn't understand them, but your blood does.
If Seal Clubber:
You acquire a skill: Bloodfrenzy.gif Blood Frenzy
If Turtle Tamer:
You acquire a skill: Bloodbond.gif Blood Bond
If Pastamancer:
You acquire a skill: Bloodbucatini.gif Blood Bucatini
If Sauceror:
You acquire a skill: Jarl choco.gif Blood Bubble
If Disco Bandit:
You acquire a skill: Bloodknife.gif Blood Blade
If Accordion Thief:
You acquire a skill: Bloodsong.gif Bram's Bloody Bagatelle
If not one of the six main classes:
This book is just a bunch of gibberish, written in blood.
  • If you already have the appropriate skill:
You've already learned all the darke secrettes this book has to offer you.


  • The skill is not automatically permed!
  • The item is removed from inventory after successful use.


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