Booze, Glorious Booze

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This booze can be consumed as a teetotaler and Nuclear Autumn.

Booze, Glorious Booze
Booze, Glorious Booze

This section of the market seems louder than the others, a sort of background shouting and laughing and fighting and other various noises that fall under the general heading of "drunken revelry". You see a lot of hobos selling bottles of what is probably booze of one kind or another (and one guy who appears to be doing a brisk trade in cans of Sterno), as well as several shacks that you might loosely describe as "bars". Which one to choose, though -- that's the question.

If you can read the signs:

You spot a signpost and take a closer look to see what your options are. According to the notes in your hobo glyphs binder, they are:

Arthur Finn's World-Record Homebrew Stout
Mad Jack's Corn Squeezery
Bathtub Jimmy's Gin Mill

If you cannot read the signs:

You spot a signpost and take a closer look to see what your options are. They appear to be: two circles, a triangle with a line through it, three wavy lines, a zig-zag... well, you get the picture. Or rather, you don't.

Wander to the left
Wander to the right
Wander to the middle

(each of these buttons randomly attempts to take you to one of the destinations listed above)

Occurs as part of the Food Went A-Courtin' subadventure.


  • You may only drink booze at one of the above locations per instance of the dungeons (does not reset on ascension). After having drunk one of the boozes, clicking any of the buttons in this adventure (whether you can read the signs or not, and regardless of whether it would be a different adventure than the first time), yields the following result:
Looks like this is the part of the marketplace where the hobos go to buy and sell booze, booze derivatives, and things that aren't booze but a desperate hobo might try to drink them anyway. Like paint stripper, or Schlitz.
However, you decide you're not really in the mood to get your drink on, at least not in a place like this and on stuff like that, so you head off in another direction. Turns out the direction you picked leads out of the marketplace entirely.
  • The above message also occurs when attempting to drink marketplace booze while in Ronin or Hardcore.
  • Attempting to drink booze from here while in an Avatar of Jarlsberg ascension will give you the message "No way. No way you're drinking that."