Boris's Gate

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Boris's Gate is located inside The Dungeoneers' Association. The gate unlocks if you possess a Boris's key.

Behind the Gate of Boris, you find a statue of Boris, mightiest of the Warriors of Loathing in the Times of Old.

In the base of the statue, there is a slot. A sign above the slot reads "INSERT MEAT TO CONTINUE."

Insert Meat
  • If you insert 200 to 10,000*LVL meat:

The statue of Boris begins to glow. It bends over and touches you with its axe.

You gain N Strongness.
  • If you insert less than 200 meat:

That's not enough Meat to make a proper offering.

  • If you insert an amount that would exceed the daily cap:

You cannot donate that much.

Avatar of Boris

An elaborate plaque on the base of the statue contains an extremely detailed account of Boris's abilities.
If you have any Boris skill points:
You feel the spirit of Boris inside you, hungering for knowledge. You can learn X more skill(s).
You feel entirely full of the spirit of Boris -- there's no room for any more Boris in you until you get more powerful.
  • All of the Avatar of Boris Skills that you do not yet have will be listed, and if you have any skill points, you will be able to choose a skill tree. When you do, you will receive the first skill in that tree that you do not have.
  • You can still donate Meat to the statue to gain Muscle stats as well.


  • You are limited to a total of 10,000 Meat donated per level per day, to all statues combined.
  • A statue gives floor(Meat/200) number of die rolls, each of which gives 1-2 of the appropriate substat, with equal likelihood. This means per level, you have up to 50 rolls per day of 1-2 stat each, meaning that you can potentially get 50-100 mainstat per level.
  • This gate and its two counterparts are successors to the shrines of The Hall of The Legends of The Times of Old. They are currently within The Dungeoneers' Association.


  • Boris's message refers to "Insert coin to continue", a common message used by coin-operated arcade games.