Bottle of Rapier Witbier

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bottle of Rapier Witbier
bottle of Rapier Witbier

Always keep your wits about you, your father said. Don't mind if I do!

Type: booze (EPIC)
Potency: 2
Level required: 6
Selling Price: 20 Meat.
Effect: Jokin' Drunk (20 Adventures)Moxie +50
+20% Pickpocket Chance

(In-game plural: bottles of Rapier Witbier)
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Item number: 6762
Description ID: 858412422
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Obtained From

artisanal homebrew sampler (0-1)
Let's Brew! (1 handful of barley, 1 cluster of hops, 1 fancy beer bottle, 1 fancy beer label)

When Consumed

You drink the beer. As though it were a magic potion, it makes you funnier, more charming, and more attractive!
Hahahaha.gifYou acquire an effect: Jokin' Drunk
(duration: 20 Adventures)
AdventuresYou gain 11-13 Adventures. (avg. 12)
You gain 24 Strengthliness.
You gain 22 Wizardliness.
You gain 30 Cheek.
You gain 2 Drunkenness.


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