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Oh man oh man oh man. This is gonna be great.

Cannot be discarded
Gift Item

(In-game plural: boxing-gloves-in-boxes)
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Item number: 5061
Description ID: 411856799
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Wad.gif box spring  
Wad.gif nothing-in-the-box boxing glove
Equals.gif boxing-glove-in-a-box


  • The recipe must be known to craft this.
  • Attempting to untinker this item yields the message "That's not an item that can be untinkered."
  • Appears as a mysterious present when sent to another player through k-mail.
  • If sent in a package from the Gift Shop, it does not appear as a mysterious present.
  • If you send this item and a mysterious present together, the items will not appear grouped together in the received message (even though they are grouped together in the inventory).


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