Boxing Daycare

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Boxing Daycare
Boxing Daycare

The massive central room of the Boxing Daycare is mostly empty. 2 toddlers are training with an instructor in the boxing ring.


The massive central room of the Boxing Daycare is dominated by the boxing ring, but there is a wide variety of unusual exercise equipment scattered haphazardly around the periphery. You see several deltoid cardio ellipticals, a few ab upright treadmills, and a hamstring weight barbell, for example. Probably around X pieces in all. Y toddlers are training with Z instructors in the boxing ring. It's impressive how efficient they are, what with that student-to-teacher ratio.

Recruit toddlers  [100 * 10X Meat]

You spend 10 Meat to print fliers and plaster them all over Seaside Town in your attempt to recruit toddlers to come to the Boxing Daycare. The authorities are not pleased and charge you 90 Meat in fines to clean up the mess.

Meat.gifYou gain some Meat.

Nevertheless, your short-lived postering campaign managed to attract 3 new children to the Boxing Daycare.

or, with insufficient meat

You can't afford to pay that much Meat. The fines are not fine!

Scavenge for gym equipment  [free] / [1 adventure] / [2 adventures] / [3 adventures]

You decide to spend some time scavenging for new gym equipment. You manage to find Q used [workout equipment] on the curb and drag them back to the Boxing Daycare, installing them in the main room. What a workout!

You gain 10-25 Beefiness.
You gain 10-25 Wizardliness.
You gain 10-25 Cheek.

or, with insufficient adventures

You don't have enough adventures to go a-scavenging right now.

When there are more than enough instructors already

Hire an instructor  [None currently available]

There aren't enough toddlers in this daycare right now to warrant hiring another instructor.

When there more toddlers than the instructors can handle

Hire an instructor  [11*X^2 (random items) , X is the number of recruiters]

You find a classified ad for a boxing instructor who wants to be paid 11-44-X random items for their services. You have what they're looking for, so you pay them and a new teacher joins the staff at the Boxing Daycare!

You lose an item: random item (11-44-X)

or, with insufficient payment

You find a classified ad for a boxing instructor who wants to be paid 11-44-X random items for their services. But you don't have enough of what they want, so no deal.

Spar  [1 adventure]

You step into the ring to spar with the toddlers of the Boxing Daycare. There aren't enough to really put up much of a fight, but you do get to practice your moves a bit here and there.


You step into the ring to spar with the toddlers of the Boxing Daycare. They're too disorganized to really be effective, but at least there are enough that you're forced to think on your feet a bit.


You step into the ring to spar with the toddlers of the Boxing Daycare. There are enough kids running around that you have to keep your wits about you. You even break a sweat for a minute.


You step into the ring to spar with the toddlers of the Boxing Daycare. There are so many of them! They're still no match for your superior skills, but you do get some serious exercise. Exhausting, yet exhilarating!

You gain X Strongness.
You gain Y Wizardliness.
You gain Z Roguishness.

With less than 1,000? toddlers: (Hardly seems worth it to only spar with X kids. You'd need way more for it to really be a challenge.)

first time every day

Sparring with toddlers today really gave you the itch for a real conflict.

PvP FightsYou gain 2-11 PvP Fights.


You don't have enough adventures to spar with toddlers right now.

Return to the Lobby

first time every day, with the instructor no deal message:

Look for a different instructor

You cross out the classified ad for that instructor, and look for another one who (ideally) wants something else as compensation.

Occurs when visiting the Boxing Daycare from the Boxing Daycare (Lobby).


  • The meat required for recruiting toddlers starts at 100 meat and increases tenfold each time, at least to 1 billion meat.
    • At first you recruit 2 toddlers per time, but by increasing the amount of equipment and trainers, you can increase the number recruited. The number of toddlers recruited seems to fall in a range from p*t2/2 to p*t2, where p is the number of pieces of equipment in the gym and t is the number of instructors.
    • The meat required for recruiting toddlers resets upon rollover.
  • Scavenging starts free, but increases to 1 adventure, then 2 adventures, and then 3 adventures for the rest of the day, and resets upon rollover.
    • When scavenging, you find a base 1 more item every time you scavenge, permanently. (actual number of items received is base +/- 1)
    • The increasing yield never resets (due to rollover or ascension).
    • You can scavenge when you are falling-down drunk.
    • Boxing Day Breakfast, the effect from glass of raw eggs doubles the equipment yield of scavenging, but since scavenging more than once per day costs turns, there is a limit to how many scavenges it can benefit.
      • If you have fewer turns of Boxing Day Breakfast than would cost to scavenge, you will not receive the doubled equipment scavenging.
      • Although Boxing Day Breakfast doubles scavenge yields, it does not improve the permanent scavenge counter. If your previous scavenge resulted in 99 pieces, Boxing Day Breakfast will double the next scavenge to 200, but the next scavenge without the effect after that will drop back down to 101.
  • Second instructor can be hired at 10 toddlers. An additional instructor can be hired every time the number of digits in your toddler number goes up. (i.e., 3rd instructor at 100+ toddlers, 4th at 1,000+, etc.)
    • You have to pay instructors with a randomly selected "common" (PvPable?) item. Number of the item required is 11*X^2, where X is the number of instructors you have currently.
    • Having the effect from punch-drunk punch will halve (rounded up) the number of items to hire each instructor. Since hiring instructors doesn't take turns, you can hire several instructors after drinking one punch and get the benefit for all of them (assuming you have enough toddlers to qualify).
    • Once per day, you can choose to change the instructor-demanded payment, which rerolls the item, and permanently increases the cost of the next hire by 10 of that new item (11 -> 21, 44 -> 54). The number of rerolls is tracked even when the current instructor is hired, meaning that if one instructor is rerolled 3 times, every subsequent instructor will also demand an extra 30 of their requested item.
  • The boxing ring changes by number of items:
    • After x items:


    • After x items:


  • The first time you spar each day, you get floor(X * 2) fights, capped at 11, where X is the number of digits in your toddler count (or floor(log10(toddlers)) + 1).
  • Sparring gives you gains in each of your substats that range from t0.4/2 + 20 to t0.4 + 40, where t is the number of toddlers in the gym. Substat gains are affected by percentage stat gain multipliers.
  • Total numbers of toddlers, scavenged equipment, and instructors reset upon ascension.