Boxing the Juke

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Boxing the Juke
Boxing the Juke

Grandpa finally finishes his drink and walks up to the jukebox. He pulls a crescent wrench, a hammer, and a voltage meter out of his pocket, spreads them out in front of the jukebox, and starts tinkering around.

After a few minutes of painstaking adjustments, followed by a few more minutes of slightly rougher adjustments, Grandpa finally says, "all right, tough guy, if that's the way you want it . . ." and slams his fist into the jukebox, which slowly comes to life. Neon lights and bubblers light up around its perimeter, and it begins playing a wonderful, amazing song. . .

Listen to the Music

You've never heard a song like this before. The music is so light, so entrancing, that it seems like it must be the very music of heaven. "My god," you say, "what is that divine instrument?" "It's called a ukulele, whippersnapper. It's like a guitar that got put in the dryer for too long."

"It's wonderful," you say. "It makes me feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders." You commit every note to memory, so you can always relive that feeling.

Before the song ends, though, the jukebox grinds to a halt with a hideous screech. "Step aside, youngster," Grandpa Sea Monkee says, and whacks the jukebox again. This time, the glass on the front shatters, and the jukebox implodes, drifting to the floor as a fist-size wad of wood, plastic, and vinyl.

"You know, whippersnapper, I think you're right," Grandpa Sea Monkee says, as the Dive Bar's bouncer starts towards him, "I think I probably should get going home."

You acquire a skill: Donho's Bubbly Ballad

Occurs at The Dive Bar.