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Type: Combat
MP Cost: N/A
usable once per fight

Combat, like music, relies on the ability to improvise. This skill lets you improvise a specialized musical combat use for any accordion you care to wield.

Unleash your accordion's unique inner strength

Source: Guild Trainer
Price: 250 Meat
Class: Accordion Thief
Level: 2
When Used:
Message varies depending on which accordion is equipped. See individual accordion pages for details.

Effect Table

Accordion Cadenza Effect
accord ion 13-15 and 13-15 Hot Damage on the initial round. 7-9 Hot Damage on the subsequent round.
accordion file 4-5 damage on initial round, and all subsequent rounds.
Accordion of Jordion Gain 30-40 Meat
accordionoid rocca 35-45 damage and staggers
Aerogel accordion 48 damage and staggers
Antique accordion 13-15 damage
alarm accordion Gain 5-10 MP
autocalliope 14-15 damage on initial round, and all subsequent rounds.
Bal-musette accordion 18-20 damage and delevels 6-8
baritone accordion Gain 3-4 HP and MP
beer-battered accordion 8-10 Sleaze Damage
bone bandoneon 35-40 Spooky Damage
Cajun accordion 30-40 Hot Damage. Continues for 3 more rounds after the first. Damage is reduced by 40% each round (rounding down).
calavera concertina 15-20 Spooky Damage
ghost accordion 60-80 Spooky Damage
guancertina 13-15 Stench Damage
mama's squeezebox 18-20 Sleaze Damage
non-Euclidean non-accordion Delevels 23 and staggers
paraffin pseudoaccordion 48 damage and staggers
peace accordion Gain 50-60 HP
pentatonic accordion 18-20 Cold Damage and delevels 8-10
pygmy concertinette Delevels 15%
quirky accordion 2-3 Prismatic Damage
Rock and Roll Legend Gain 13-15 HP
Shakespeare's Sister's Accordion Staggers, 30-35 Cold Damage, and gain 4-5 HP and MP
Skipper's accordion 25-30 damage and delevels 18-20
Squeezebox of the Ages 20-30 damage and restore 18-20 HP
stolen accordion Gain 4-5 HP
The Trickster's Trikitixa 80-100 damage and delevels 18-20
toy accordion 3-5 damage
warbear exhaust manifold 30-35 Stench Damage
zombie accordion 120-150 Spooky Damage and staggers