Can of Rain-Doh

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can of Rain-Doh
can of Rain-Doh

This is a can of Rain-Doh, the non-toxic modeling clay that has eight eye-watering unnatural colors in every can! Use it to make an ashtray, a ball, a snake, or a different ashtray!

Just remember that all the colors are the same flavor -- salty grossness -- and just because it's non-toxic doesn't mean you should eat it. Just trust me on this one, okay?

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded
NOTE: This item cannot be used while in Hardcore.

(In-game plural: cans of Rain-Doh)
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Item number: 5553
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Obtained From

Ascending with an empty Rain-Doh can in your possession
Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Mr. Store (1 Mr. Accessory)

When Used

First time:

You empty out the can of Rain-Doh and snicker as you make a bunch of stuff out of it:
Raindohempty.gifYou acquire an item: empty Rain-Doh can
Raindohwings.gifYou acquire an item: Rain-Doh red wings
Raindohagent.gifYou acquire an item: Rain-Doh orange agent
Raindohgun.gifYou acquire an item: Rain-Doh yellow laser gun
Raindohlantern.gifYou acquire an item: Rain-Doh green lantern
Raindohballs.gifYou acquire an item: Rain-Doh blue balls
Raindohcup.gifYou acquire an item: Rain-Doh indigo cup
Raindohbo.gifYou acquire an item: Rain-Doh violet bo
Raindohbox.gifYou acquire an item: Rain-Doh black box

Trying to open another can after you opened one:

You're already playing with Rain-Doh. If you try to play with too much of it at once, you'll forget about it, and it'll dry out and get all gross.


Can of Rain-Doh items
Base Item Usage
Raindohempty.gif empty Rain-Doh can Item returns to tradable form on ascension
Combat Items Combat Effect
Raindohbox.gif Rain-Doh black box Makes 5 monster copies a day
Raindohagent.gif Rain-Doh orange agent Takes X meat and does (X+20) damage
Raindohballs.gif Rain-Doh blue balls Deals Cold Damage
Stuns for 2 rounds
Usable once per combat
Raindohcup.gif Rain-Doh indigo cup Recover 20% of Maximum HP
Stuns for 1 round
Usable once per combat
Equipment Enchantment Type
Raindohgun.gif Rain-Doh yellow laser gun Delevels enemy
Super Accurate! (To-Hit Bonus)
1-handed pistol
Raindohbo.gif Rain-Doh violet bo +11 Sleaze Damage
Moxie +11
2-handed staff
Raindohlantern.gif Rain-Doh green lantern Maximum MP +20
Bonus Stench Damage equal to damage of spells cast
Off-hand item
Raindohwings.gif Rain-Doh red wings +11 Hot Damage
Combat Initiative +20%
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  • February 2012's item of the month from Mr. Store.
Its in-store description: Lets you make a whole bunch of items out of different colors of clay.
  • This is not a foldable; you get all of the things simultaneously.


  • The name of this item (and its content) is a portmanteau of "rainbow" and Play-Doh modelling clay.


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can of Rain-Doh
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