Candles in the Wind

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Candles in the Wind
Candles in the Wind

As you near the Dark Heart of the Woods, you hear snoring noises coming from a nearby stand of trees.

You follow your ears (they always hear!) and come across a sleeping Demoninja. Next to him sits a box of candles, which he was probably supposed to be guarding.

You snag the candles -- they'd be perfect for the Deep Fat Friars' ritual.

Candles.gifYou acquire an item: box of birthday candles

Occurred at The Dark Heart of the Woods. Replaced by Imp Be Nimble, Imp Be Quick.


  • The name of this adventure refers to the song "Candle in the Wind", by Elton John.
  • "You follow your ears (they always hear!)" is a play on Toucan Sam's line for Froot Loops: "Follow my nose! It always knows!"