Cap'm Caronch Quest

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As of January 1st, 2019, the gaudy pirate does NOT drop the gaudy key, and the pirate quest no longer aids in the level 11 quest at all. You MUST do the Shen/zeppelin route.


Disguise yourself as a pirate, and then become one, joining Cap'm Caronch's crew! This is a sequence of quests, which will have various names in your Quest Log. This quest NO LONGER unlocks the Palindome for the Level 11 Quest for the Holy MacGuffin, and is NOT required for the Me and My Nemesis quest line.



  • pirate fledges
  • 3000 Meat
  • Access to The F'c'le, The Poop Deck and Belowdecks.
  • In your Quest Log, in the Completed Miscellaneous Quests section, you will see: "You have successfully joined Cap'm Caronch's crew! Unfortunately, you've been given crappy scutwork to do before you're a full-fledged pirate."
  • Once you have completed the scutwork, your Quest Log will say: "Congratulations, you're a mighty pirate! Time to man the poop deck and sail the eleven seas!"
  • Once you have unlocked Belowdecks, your Quest Log will say: "Oh, and also you've managed to scam your way belowdecks, which is cool."


  • Cap'n Crunch is the eponymous mascot of a brand of notoriously sugary breakfast cereal, which would explain his rotted-out teeth and strikingly similar hat.