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Chefstaves are 1-handed mysticality weapons. They are typically created by Rodoric, the Staffcrafter in The League of Chef-Magi, or by Avatars of Jarlsberg in Jarlsberg's Cosmic Kitchen.

These weapons may only be equipped by Saucerors who have a special sauce glove equipped, or by Avatars of Jarlsberg, or by any class if they know the Spirit of Rigatoni passive skill.

Chefstaves cannot be equipped in your off-hand, even with the skill Double-Fisted Skull Smashing. They can, however, be wielded normally with other 1-handed weapons in the off-hand slot.

Chefstaves can typically be jiggled once per combat, which performs some special action specific to that chefstaff. See the individual chefstaff's page for details.

Chefstaves should not be confused with Staves, melee weapons (usually 2-handed but some are 1-handed) that usually have mysticality related buffs which are in a different category.

Chefstaff-Specific Hit Messages:

You do a low sweep with your <chefstaff>, knocking his legs out from under him. He comes crashing to the ground, taking X damage. ZOT! ZAP! WHAM!
You smack your opponent in the elbow with your <chefstaff>. It only deals X damage, because that's not really what a <chefstaff> is designed for... BARF! POW! KAPOW!
You whack him with your staff, doing X damage. Y'know, this thing'd probably work better if you used it to cast spells, instead of as a long stick. WHAMMO! BONK! WHAM!
You pretend it is a piñata. Your repeated whacking fails to yield any candy, sadly, but it does do X damage. POW! SPLAT! BAM!
You clonk him on the head with your chefstaff, dealing a measly X damage. If Jarlsberg were here to see this, he'd probably say "You're doin' it wrong." BONK! WHAM! ZAP!

Against an angry piñata:

You're holding a long stick. You're fighting a piñata. You let nature take its course for X damage. KERBLAM! BOOF! BARF!