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Crossbows are usually 2-handed ranged weapons. There are a small number of 1-handed crossbows that can be used with off-hand items or Double-Fisted Skull Smashing. These include the bottle-rocket crossbow, the Cerebral Crossbow, the clockwork crossbow, the curdflinger, the starchy crossbow, and the rainbow crossbow.

Crossbow-Specific Hit Messages:

Oh no, you shot Marvin in the face! Provided that this monster's name is Marvin. In any case, it did X damage. BAM! SMACK! BARF!
There's a quiet plink sound as your bolt hits <it>, dealing X damage. POW! WHAMMO! KAPOW!
You aim and fire. You miss, but the bolt ricochets off a nearby wall (or tree, if you're outdoors,[sic]) and hits <it> for X damage. BONK! BIFF! BOOF!
You clip its wing with the crossbow, dealing X damage. Maybe next time you could clip its nails, instead. BOOF! KERBLAM! SOCKO!
You decide to try something fancy, and shoot three bolts at <it> in rapid succession. It doesn't work very well, and only one of them connects. It does X damage, and makes you look sort of foolish. SPLAT! POW! WHACK!
You dive for cover, and everything goes into slow-motion as you shoot <it> for X damage in midair. It's all very dramatic. WHACK! BAM! ZOT!
You get ready, you aim, and you fire your <crossbow> at <it>, hitting for X damage. WHACK! BIFF! BOOF!
You let loose a bolt (not to be confused with loosening a nut) and hit <it> for X damage. KERBLAM! KERBLAM! SOCKO!
You shoot <it> in the gut for X damage. Harvey Keitel wanders by, and says "Along with the kneecap, the gut is a most painful area a guy can get shot in." Your opponent nods in agreement. BAM! ZAP! BOINK!
You shoot <it> in the shoulder, dealing X damage. Man, that's gotta hurt. ZOT! SPLAT! BONK!


  • The "you shot Marvin in the face!" and "Harvey Keitel" hit messages are references to films by Quentin Tarantino; they are Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs, respectively.
  • The "quiet plink noise" refers to the KoL combat "strategy" of plinking, or attacking many times with a (low-damage) ranged weapon and high Moxie to defeat a monster. Crossbows are often used for this purpose.