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Food is stuff you eat to gain more Adventures, stats or other stuff.

Each item of food has an associated fullness factor which determines how much it fills you up. Everyone has a fullness limit, and any food that would exceed said limit cannot be eaten. The majority of foods are one, two, or three fullness; only a few foods are more than five.

Food is listed with a certain quality that can be checked on the item description page. Quality is based off the amount of adventures given per unit fullness and has no relationship with substat gains.

(crappy) Gives no more than 1 adventure per fullness
(decent) Gives more than 1 and at most 2 adventures per fullness
(good) Gives more than 2 and at most 3 adventures per fullness
(awesome) Gives more than 3 and at most 5 adventures per fullness
(EPIC) Gives more than 5 adventures per fullness

See Cooking strategy to learn how to prepare better and more Adventurous food.

There are a few items classed as beverages: these are liquid items which act in the same way as food.

For a list of food of a certain quality, please use the subcategories below.

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