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These pages have a bug in-game associated with them. Please do not post highly-exploitable bugs (such as infinite Meat or item duplication bugs). Note that it is in your best interests to report such game-breaking bugs rather than exploit them, as team KoL has been known to severely punish dirty exploiters.

Noting a bug on a page

To show that there is a bug, you place the {{bug}} template (see below) at the top of the proper page for the bug (the affected monster, item, etc.) and add a comment that describes the nature of the bug.

The format for using the template is:

{{bug|Put your comment here.}}

Things to note

  • The bug template should only remain on the page as long as the bug is ongoing.
  • A bug should be confirmed (i.e. multiple people are reporting it, or it can be easily replicated by following some set of steps) before being reported.
  • Ensure that the bug is observable when playing with the regular interface -- turn off Greasemonkey, don't use KoLmafia.
  • For spelling and grammar problems only, you are asked to use the {{sic}} template instead. Please also report these on the official forum thread, where they get picked up and fixed.

Ways to report bugs

  • Again, use the bug template on a page only if the bug is repeatable, or being observed by many other people. When reporting bugs in-game (see below), you should also make sure that these conditions hold.
  • You can use the in-game menu option to report bugs. Your bug report will then be handled by a member of the Development Team, who will attempt to confirm it and pass it along as appropriate.