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Knives are 1-handed weapons. They generally boost attack damage directly. All of them use Muscle to calculate hit chance.

Several skills have a special interaction with knives. With the exception of Silent Slice, all of these skills are Disco Bandit class skills:

  • With Tricky Knifework, attacks done with a knife equipped will hit and deal damage based on your Moxie (unless your Muscle is higher).
  • That's Not a Knife lets you summon one knife per day.
  • Silent Slice will deal twice damage and reduce defense twice as much as usual if the weapon in your main hand is a knife.
  • Disco Face Stab will use the best available knife from your inventory to damage and weaken a monster.
  • Knife in the Dark and Disco Shank will use the best available knife from your inventory to damage a monster.
  • Silent Knife will use the best available knife to stagger and damage a monster.
  • "Available" knives are those that are currently equippable, with any stats requirement met.

Knife-Specific Hit Messages:

You indulge in a little hack 'n' slash with your <knife>. The hacking doesn't seem to be very effective (and you really should see a doctor about that), but the slashing does X damage. ZAP! BAM! KERBLAM!
You stab wildly with your <knife>. Your form is sloppy, but fortunately stabbing isn't really an exact science. You manage to deal X damage. BOOF! SOCKO! KERBLAM!
You use your <knife> to cut like a knife. But it feels so right. To you, that is, not to your enemy, who takes X damage. BAM! POW! WHAM!
You toss the <knife> from hand to hand, shuffling back and forth in a carefully choreographed pattern, then lunge at <it> and stab <it> for X damage. SPLAT! SOCKO! WHAM!


  • Bryan Adams' song "Cuts Like a Knife" is quoted in the third hit message: "It cuts like a knife / But it feels so right."
  • The fourth hit message refers to the knife taunt of the Spy from Team Fortress 2, shown here.